Name: Hizumigan 歪眼 (literally "Warp Eye")

Type: Kekkei Genkai, Doujutsu

Users: Seshonhe Ibimino, Kuhuna Ibimino, Azana Ibimino, Ukihano Ibimino

Hizumigan (literally "Warp Eye") is an eye technique inheritable only by members of the Ibimino Clan. It was first possessed by Ukihano Ibimino who discovered it and used it to make himself go so fast that the laws of Time and Space themselves could not keep up with him. When he was finished building Shohigakure and he released himself from his Hizumigan, everything caught up to him and he was killed. As he died, his Hizumigan was divided into weaker pieces and sent to those with the same blood as him. Today, only two people who are still alive can use it, they are Kuhuna and Azana Ibimino, also known as the Ibimino brothers. Hizumigan is a Doujutsu that targets an opponents perception of time and space and their reflexes. It works by first slowing the enemies ability to see time until they see everything as going up to one-hundred times faster than they really are, then targeting the brain cells that tell their body how to react to something that is surprising. It is unknown how Ukihano obtain his Hizumigan.

Suisei Hizumigan

Suisei Hizumigan 彗星 歪眼 (literally "Comet Warp Eye") can increase the user perception of time, thus making everything up to 1000 times slower to him. Another, more useful, ability Suisei Hizumigan grants you is that of speedy attacks. It can multiply your speed by an amount equal to what your chakra level can allow you to handle. Ukihano's Hizumigan made him 100 times faster than Might Guy with the eighth gate open. Like Mangekyou Sharingan, using this Doujutsu too much can cause you to go blind. Houji Uge's Suisei Hizumigan doesn't allow him to go blind.

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