• Hjorth (ヒョルス)
  • Village: Konohagakure
  • Country: Fire
  • Kekkei Genkai: Black Blood Release
  • Head of the family: Tommer Hjorth


The Hjorth Clan is one of the newest ninja clans of the Hidden Leaf Village. The Hjorth have remained highly secretive about their Black Blood Release jutsu, carefully playing them off as Hiden Jutsu.When a non-Hjorth Clan member get the Black Blood into their body they die, only a Hjorth Clan member can save them by take the Black Blood out of their body. They have a special abilities: Dark Sword it's a abilities only one their have truly mastery Black Blood Release can use.

Common Abilities

  • Accelerated healing - most cuts and lacerations heal almost instantly. Deep wounds or injured organs will take longer time to heal.
  • Immunity to poison - with a minimal expenditure of chakra, a Hjorth can purify their blood making them immune to poison.
  • Resistance/Immunity to disease - along with the immunity to poison, most members of the Hjorth clan are highly resistant if not immune to many forms of disease, especially blood and auto-immune disorders.


  • Black Blood Release:Black Blood Fusion
  • Black Blood Release: Scream Resonance
  • Black Blood Release:Black Dragon
  • Black Blood Release: Bloody Needle
  • Black Blood Release: Bloody Slicer
  • Black Blood Release:Screech Beta
  • Black Blood Release: Screech Alpha
  • Black Blood Release:Screech Delta
  • Black Blood Release: Screech Gamma

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