Naruto character

Hogosha Tsutsukaze
Age 17
Blood type A
Gender Male
Current Location Mobile
Village of Origin Fisherman's Horizon
Rank Jonin


Hogosha is a 17 year old boy that wears black sleeveless shirt, black jeans, black and red shoes, and black biker gloves and has shoulder length greasy black hair and brown eyes.


Hogosha Tsutsukaze is the grandson of Kashikoi Tsutsukaze that was trained by his grandfather since he was little in the ways of the Shinobi and how to use a Gunblade. Through he has no headband, he is very skilled and he can rival a skilled Jonin in combat. His parents was murdered in a event called the Lunar Cry that summoned monsters down from his world's moon and he was left a orphan at the age of 8 then his grandfather took him in after that.


Since he was never trained in Konohagakure no Sato, he never had a mission before.

  • Mission List
    • D - 0
    • C - 0
    • B - 0
    • A - 0
    • S - 0

Trademark Weapons

  • Shinobi Kenshiki
Type: Katana model Gunblade
Info: Hogosha was trained how to use this gunblade since he was 6 years old.

Current Events

Hogosha was training and discovered Ino who was transported from her world to his world, now he teamed up with her to get her back home.


  • Father: Un-named so far (deceased)
  • Mother: Un-named so far (deceased)
  • Grandfather: Kashikoi Tsutsukaze