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Horamu the Tiger

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600 lbs





Blood type



Home country

Land of Fire





Nature Type

Horamu is a summon of Taki Tezuka, and the leader of the 5 Great Cats of Konohagakure. He is a tiger who is 7.5 ft long (228.6 cm) and weighs 600 lbs (295 kg). Taki is easily able to ride on Horamu's back, but as Horamu has shown on many occasions, he doesn't like it. Like most summons, Horamu is able to speak, but due to his quite nature, rarely does. Like his partner, Horamu is very loyal and proud, and he has formed quite a bond with Taki, which shows in their teamwork. He is more hot headed than Taki, but is still able to regain his cool when he goes to out of control. He is an amazing close range fighter, but does have some long range techniques, such as Great Fireball Technique. Although intelligent, he has a much less tactical fighting style than his partner, and would easy prefer to eat his opponent than catch them in a trap.


Besides being an amazing melee fighter, Horamu is capable of using fire release techniques, and uses Great Fireball technique on many occasions. His fur is extremely oily, conductive, and quite flammable, and when combined with his fire style, he is able to preform Fire Style:Blazing Fur which allows him to ignite any part of his body without hurting himself. This serves as both an offensive weapon and a defensive shield. When combining this with Taki's Chidori Current, they are able to use Collaboration Technique: Burnshock Blitz. However, his greatest strength is his signature jutsu, Secret Technique: Team Assistance. This jutsu allows him to use any of the jutsu of his teamates at will.

Outside of battle, Horamu has shown skill as a tracker.

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