The Hosage are the Hidden Leaf Villege's chef advisors.

The First Hosage

  • Rank:Sage/jonin
  • Age:43
  • Blood Type:A+
  • Ht:6'0
  • Wt:205 lbs

The First Hosage was the founder of the philosophy class at the academy.He was killed by the nine tailed fox.

The Second Hosage

  • Rank:Sage/chunnin
  • Age:34
  • Blood Type:B-
  • Ht:5'7
  • Wt:176 lbs

He was killed by Zutto Henley in the great war.

The Third Hosage

  • Rank:Sage/jonin
  • Age:14
  • Blood Type:o
  • Ht:5'11
  • Wt:142 lbs

He recentley resigned as Hosage.He had killed several shinobi during the invasion.He was also the interim Hokage.

The Fourth Hosage

  • Rank:Sage/Jonin
  • Age:22
  • Blood Type:AB+
  • Ht:5'7
  • Wt:128 lbs

He was the current Hosage.

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