Hoshi no Tama
Kanji 星の球
Rōmaji Hoshi no Tama
Literal English Star Jewel
English TV Hoshi no Tama
Classification Kekkei Genkai, Dōjutsu, Ninjutsu
  • Temporal Release
Class Supplementary
Range All ranges
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Related jutsu
Kitsunetsuki (Akashogan Jutsu), Frozen State

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Hoshi no Tama is one of Takatsuke Uzumaki's Akashogan special techniques, stemming from his left eye, the Eye of Time. This jutsu is a powerful temporal ninjutsu, capable of reverting anything back into its previous state. For example, it is possible to heal people or repair items with Hoshi no Tama. Takatsuke first unlocks this jutsu in a battle against Iwari Fusuke, and later makes good use of it, along with its sister technique, Kitsunetsuki. Hoshi no Tama can be used on anything Takatsuke lies the gaze of his left eye on; he can also use it on himself by closing the left eye while using Hoshi no Tama.

There are certan limitations to Hoshi no Tama. First is the limitation of all Akashogan special tehcniques: If used too much, they will cause a pain in the eye, and bleeding, if continued to use even further. Secondly, Hoshi no Tama is unable to revert death; it can repair the body, but it cannot return the soul to the body. The third limitation is that the longer in the past the state that the target is reverted to is, the longer Hoshi no Tama will take to revert it and the more chakra it will take to complete the reversion.

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  • The name "Hoshi no Tama" is influenced by Japanese folklore about kitsune, fox spirits. In the folklore, each kitsune possesses a "Star Jewel" (Hoshi no Tama); it is said that if the kitsune is separated from its Staw Jewel for a too long time, it will die.