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Hotaku Kamateru

Hotaku kamateru

鎌照る火焚くKamateru Hōtaku







Home country

Land of Fire






Team Hotaku

Previous team(s)

Team Shikamaru



Previous occupation(s)

Chūnin, Genin

Highest rank


Ninja Registration


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age


Jōnin Prom. Age


Nature types

Fire (affinity)


Fire Release: Fire Fox Comet Technique
Fire Release: Fire Fox Great Comet Technique
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Flying Thunder God Technique
Great Blasting Breaktrough (with Hakutsuba)
Lightning jab
Lightning Release: Kunai Special Charge
Shadow Clone Technique
Summoning Technique (foxes)
Water Release: Water Encampment Wall

Hotaku Kamateru is a Konohagakure jonin and the leader of Team Hotaku, which consists of Takatsuke Uzumaki, Katoru Uchiha and Hikarime Yakama.


Hotaku is most easily recognized from his flaming red and very spikey hair. When asked about his haircut, Hotaku simply states he cuts it with a kunai himself when it needs to be cut. His outfit is a regular Konoha jonin outfit.


Hotaku has a very open, friendly and straightforward personality. He is able to quickly become friends with people when needed, but he can also kill enemies with cold blood when that is needed. He can make quick and often successful decicions when in battle.


Hotaku was born shortly after then end of Naruto Shippuuden. His father was unknown, and his mother died not too long after Hotaku's birth, leaving the young boy orphaned. Despite the hardships and lonliness Hotaku had to endure in his childhood, he strongly decided to become a ninja, because his mother told him his father had been a ninja; this story, however, cannot be validated. At the Ninja Academy Hotaku showed a great potential and quickly graduated as a genin, joining a team led by Shikamaru Nara. After this it took him only two years to be promoted to Chunin. His sensei, however, stated that Hotaku had the potential to become Chunin even faster, but he himself decided to take his time. After six years of being a Chunin he got further promoted to the rank of Jonin, his current rank. He later got Takatsuke Uzumaki, Katoru Uchiha and Hikarime Yakama as a team, and it was a beginning of a long adventure.

In Shadows of the Past

In the beginning of Shadows of the Past Team Hotaku was sent on a C-Rank mission to Sunagakure. The mission turned out to be a lot more dangerous than a C-Rank mission should be: He and his team was attacked by Kurokage Yomino and his missing-nin team. Hotaku managed to defeat Kurokage, but he didn't know why Kurokage was hired to attack them and by who, else than that it was "a fox-masked lady".

After the Suna mission was completed, Hotaku offered his team a chance to take part in the Chunin exams. The team quickly accepted the offer and is currently getting ready for the third and final part of the exam. During this time Hotaku has personally trained Katoru Uchiha, who wants to stop Takatsuke Uzumaki from surpassing him.



  • Hotaku has completed a total of 597 missions: 86 D-Rank, 115 C-Rank, 131 B-Rank, 242 A-Rank and 23 S-Rank.

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