Houshi (Spore) is a member of the Akatsuki as well as the holder of the nan (South) ring.



Houshi is a tall young man with long green hair and green eyes. Under his eyes he has two red markings. His entire upperbody is covered in tattoo's that have somewhat of a Spiritual meaning for Hosuhi. He wears his Akatsuki cloak, with no shirt and long white pants. He carries two small daggers, for close combat. His legs are wrapped in bandage and covered in a white cloth that rap around his sandals.

Houshi Uncloaked


Houshi enjoys watching people fight for his amusement. He is incredibly crafty and can easily spark anger in someone. His hobbies include Gardening and Painting Nature. His true persona has yet to be seen.


Ability to Talk to Plants- He has an unusual ability to converse with plants. He seems to have an entire room in each base for his plans and likes to talk with them, usually in hot conversation.

Kenjutsu- Houshi is skilled with sword fighting and uses Daggers in battle.


  • He is currently the least expanded character in the Akatsuki
  • Houshi's entire past is currenty a mystery


  • "I wonder whats gonna go down, with Leader-sama" (When conversating with his Plants)

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