Kanji 氷解 Literally 'Melting'
Rank D-rank
Range N/A
Hand Seals Tiger
Element/Type Water
Inventor Kan Riyousha
Derived Jutsu

The whole Riyousha Family

Hyoukai is a set of jutsu that is taught only within the Riyousha, though that doesn't mean other clans/families can't learn it from them. The jutsu, once activated, will make the object that the user is touching either soften or melt. The user can also make so that not everything they touch melts or softens, simply because of 'mind over matter'. A well developed version of this jutsu will allow the user to melt/soften himself. After deactivation, the object(s) that the user melted/softened hardens, etc. Because of Ratavash's Sciences and Research sector, Hyoukai has expanded its boundaries into multiple techniques. The set of techniques, in general, have something to do with liquidizing/hardening an object(s). Also, what they have in common, is that they were made only by the Science and Research sector of Ratavash.

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