Hyuga Satoshi is a member of Konohagakure no sato's Hyuga Clan which is the now most prominent and protigious clan within the village. He is currently the highest ranking student in the whole Konohagakure Ninja School and is rivaled with the main character of Naruto: The New World Chronicles.

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Hyuga Satoshi - No White Eyes


Hyuga Satoshi was born one month before Sachiro Kenji into Konoha's Hyuga Clan in the side branch making his life a living hell. Because of suffering the cursemark laid upon him by the Main Branch of the Hyuga Clan, Satoshi hates the Main Branch of the clan and aspires to destroy them when he becomes strong enough. He however doesn't let his ambissions be known out loud. Satoshi also does not have a white-eyed Byakugan like the rest of the Hyuga-Clan members, instead he has demonic red eyes which is the form of some strange genetic mutation. However he still has the Byakugan like other clan members but still is resented amongst the clan. So far all he has to live for is the respect that he has from the higher ups of Konoha and the Fire Country.

Involvement in the Story So Far

Twelve Years Ago: Satoshi was born into the Hyuga Clan and was marked an abomination for having different eyes than the other clan members.

The Beginning Arc: Satoshi firsts makes his appearance in the story as a snobby and smart allic like ninja academy student that rivals Sachiro Kenji. It is revealed that he and Kenji have been hardcore rivals since they were at the age of five.

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