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Ice Release: Blizzard Technique
Literal English Ice Release: Blizzard Technique
Viz manga Ice Style: Snow Storm
English TV Ice Style: Rushing Ice Wind
Rank A-rank
Class Offensive, Defensive, Collabration
Range Short to Mid range
Hand seals Boar-Serpent-Tiger-Bird-Serpent-Dragon-Ram
Other jutsu
Related jutsu
Ice Release: Frost Bite Technique, Wind Release: Twin Tornadoes Technique
By combining Ice Release: Frost Bite Technique by blowing a stream into the Wind Release: Twin Tornadoes Technique, they will continue to spin faster and soon create reach the sky. Samui will then create a massive blizzard that can create snow and freeze the target(s) if standing in the blizzard over a period of time(But that requires a massive amount of chakra. This jutsu can be used for cover to hide from the opponent, or for battling the target so where he can change the snow storm rough, making it hard to see and fight in. The snow can be used at Samui's advantage for using other Ice Release techniques.