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Ice Release: Cold Front
Kanji 氷遁: 寒冷前線
Rōmaji Hyōton: Kanreizensen
Literal English Ice Release: Cold Front
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Classification Kekkei Genkai
Rank S-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Long-range
Hand seals Dragon → Horse → Ox → Dog

This technique is considered to be one of the most dangerous and risky out of the Ice Release arsenal. Once Senkaku reaches the final hand seal, the climate in the surrounding area begins to turn to a blizzard-like setting, the temperature dropping to much colder levels. This can cause the opponent's visual sight of the user to deteriorate to the point of nothingness, as well as dull the nervous system due to the cold. Fire techniques are virtually useless to fight it off once it is summoned. Obviously, it is possible for the opponent to be killed by the slow drop of body heat (hypothermia), a torturous way for the user to kill their opponent. However, in summoning the blizzard, the user subjects himself/herself to the blizzard's effects as well. Only skilled Ice Release users are capable of fighting the storm's effects and still battle effectively.