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Ice Release: The Age of Ice
Literal English Ice Release: The Age of Ice
Viz manga Ice Style: Ice Age
English TV Ice Style: Overfreeze
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive, Supplementary
Range Short or Long range
Hand seals Ram
Other jutsu
Related jutsu
Ice Release: Frost Bite Technique
This is Samui's ultimate ninjutsu, and his ultimate trump card. This is also the most riskiest technique has in his arsenal, thus Samui most plan to use it carefully, for one mistake can get him killed. Still he will try to find another way to get out of the situation. But if there is no other choice, Sam will use this technique as a final solution. Its actually quite simple technique. Samui will first charge and build his chakra around him, giving off a icy aura around him for by for five minutes. If disturbed this technique wont work and would waste the chakra he was preparing. So usually Samui would have one or more clones to distract the opponent. Once fully charge, Samui will use the Ram hand seal and release his icy aura from a mile away. Everything, living or non living will freeze in its place, including Samui. This is the huge disavantage, if the target somehow escapes this technique, Samui is in danger. If any of the sculptures are touched with brute force they will shatter into million pieces leaving them dead. Although if untouched the ice will melt for within another day from the sunlight.

This technique can only be used to once a day.