Ichibu Mori-oni was the founder of Nozomigakure. He had the ability to transmigrate to other bodies and do what they needed. This is where the myth of him showing up when you need him came from. The person who needed assistance needed to have the Nozomigan activated for him to do the trasnmigration technique.

Personality and Traits

Ichibu Mori-oni was a caring person who loved everyone in Nozomigakure as his own children. As many other founders of other villages did, he believed that he was the pillar of his village and its support system; this is true considering that he was the founder of Nozomigakure.

Age: 54 (deceased)

Sex: Male

Birthday: April 7

Blood Type: AB

Nozomigan Activation: Level 2 (Tsuyoi-Nozomigan)

Rank: Kage Level

Main Techniques and Jutsu

1. Transmigration Technique

The Transmigration Technique is a Ninjutsu that allows the Shinobi to migrate to other bodies. This techique allowed Ichibu Mori-oni the ability to migrate to other Shinobi with the Nozomigan.

2. Tsuyoi-Nozomigan

The Nozomigan is a Doujutsu that allowed the people of Nozomigakure the ability to Copy Jutsus and Techniques. The Tsuyoi_Nozomigan can place Genjutsu on the user's enemies. The Genjutsu places the enemy under an illusion in which they see multiple ways of them dying and the same time.

3. Summoning Reanimation Jutsu

The Summoning Reanimation Jutsu is a Kinjutsu that attaches a dead soul to a host body to temorarily bring someone back to life. This body requires a sacrificial body as its host. For this reason, it is a Forbidden Technique.


Nozomigakure no Sato

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