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Ikkaku Fu



(角 キング, Ikkaku Kingu)

  • Seven Tails
  • (Lit.七尾
  • "Nanabi
  • Shichibi")
  • Ikkaku of the Void
  • (Lit. ボイドの一角
  • "Boido no Ikkaku")
  • Fastest Man in the world
  • (Lit. 最速の男
  • "Saisoku no otoko")
  • Man of immeasurable wealth
  • (Lit. 計り知れ富の男
  • "Hakarishirenai Tomi no otoko")
  • Lightning God King (Lit. 雷神の国王
  • "Raijin no kokuō") "Boss" (Lit. ボス Bosu)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Birthdate Astrological Sign Virgo September 10
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 30
  • Part II: 35
Height 180.33
18,033 cm
180.33 m
591.634 ft
7,099.606 in
Weight 88.450
88.45 kg
194.999 lb
Blood type AB
Kekkei Genkai Ancient Modo
Classification Jinchuriki
  • CEO of Amagumo Industries
  • Leader of the Paramilitary Organization: Kudo Gun Engineer
  • Kumogakure Amagumo Industries
  • Little Lighting Industries
  • Atarashī tamashī — (Lit. “New Soul”)
  • Subarashī Hiryō Tani — (Lit.”Great Wyvern Valley”).
Team Kumo-Ichimi (Kumo-Gang)
Clan Kingu Zoku (King Tribe)
Ninja Rank
  • Part I: Kage
  • Part II: CEO
    "CEO" is not in the list of possible values (Academy Student, Genin, Chūnin, Tokubetsu Jōnin, Jōnin, Kage, Head Ninja, ANBU, Rouge Ninja) for this property.
Academy Grad. Age 5
Chūnin Prom. Age 10
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Raiton Affinity/Resistance
  • Peerless reflexes
  • Imperceptible speed
  • Megaton Strength
  • Inimitable durability
  • Time-space manipulation
  • Tailed Beast Synchronization
  • Unrelenting Willpower
  • Sage transformation
  • Black Lightning Manipulation
  • Chakra thread Manipulation
  • Sufficient growth.

""Strength and speed are important...but remember precision beats strength, timing beats speed." "
— Ikkaku to his Students about the importance of timing

Ikkaku Kingu 角キング(Ikkaku Kingu) Is a top tier inventor, Engineer and Freelance Archeologist. Born in the Land of Lightning he has Often been regarded as the most gifted inventor of his time. His inventions have seen use throughout the world in both military and commercial ventures. These accomplishments, have given him the titles, " Man of immeasurable wealth (計り知れ富の男, "Hakarishirenai Tomi no otoko") and Boss(ボス Bosu) by most of the international community. It is, as one would say, what he is known for.

These accomplishments, though profitable, are just an expertly crafted front, overshadowing a plethora of accomplishments most being but whispers in the shadows. Very few in his own circle regard him as Ikkaku of the Void, (Lit. ボイドの一角,"Boido no Ikkaku"), Fastest Man in the world,(Lit. 最速の男, "Saisoku no otoko") and more commonly Seven Tails, (Lit.七尾, "Nanabi, Shichibi"). His status as a jinchuriki are one of the only well known facts about him, which can cause many to speculate on his more hidden accolades.

His closest of allies and subordinates have regarded Ikkaku in such a way that they have proclaimed him the Lightning God King (Lit. 雷神の国王, "Raijin no kokuō") For his mastery of Electricity and as a play on his last name, Kingu

Tumblr nmrbezt1Lr1ruxn67o1 500

A stylistic Map of the Kingu Zoku's domain on the "Dark Continent" to the far south.

It is mostly unknown, but Ikkaku is a shinobi heralding from the Kingu Zoku, (キング, 部族 "King Tribe") For a small tenure, he acted as a sort of...interim Raikage handling a few logistical issues while searching for a suitable replacement could be found. He had no want to exist within the 'Light' for too long, returning to his actual role, protecting the Land of Lightning from the heart of societies underbelly, using his shadowy paramilitary organization, Kudo Gun to enforce their will wherever needed, The Kudo Gun (Void Troops) a group of shinobi highly capable with space-time ninjutsu, one of Ikkaku's specialties.



Ikkaku, in his clans battle attire

Modest in height, Ikkaku first glance.... not very remarkable to look at. First glances can often be deceiving and one should never judge a book by its cover. He has an appearance suited toward his geographic location. The Land of Lightning. His skin, like many of his countryman, is a rich brown complexion. His eyes a jet-black and bottomless hue, as though the light is consumed, never again to escape. He stands only 5'11” tall and weighs in at about 190lbs. When first seeing him, his physical appearance can cause many to underestimate his abilities, his nonchalant attitude can further expand this false misconception. All of which abruptly changes after slamming a man's head into the floor. His physicality is something to marvel, and his body reflects the conditioning. He is Very toned and defined, upon shredding his garments there is an impressive presentation of lean muscle, sculpted and molded onto his fleshy canvas. There are dense scars littered about his torso, What it took to get such a physique, even whilst looking at his stature, is almost unimaginable, as it, what was capable of causing the wounds.

He is usually seen wearing a variety of expensive clothing his most notorious outfits consist of a black and gold lined undershirt with a raised collar, covered with a gray robe, and golden pants. His hair is charcoal in color as well, usually tied in 4 iconic braids on each corner of his head. On his arm is a tattoo for iron, used to seal the seven tails but riddled with a number of extended sealing formulas including one for his void technique, a failsafe in case he dies, and one linked to the Ketsueki seal which erupts in time of need.


""UGHH ! See!?! This why the Shinobi Continent SOO Trash!! Nun of these losers fight without unnecessary tricks. Always doing the fucking most!! If they don't ALREADY have some outlandish ability then they might as well be immortal. Heh...I guess I can't really complain though huh? What else is to be expected of Ninja, they come from a dirty past. Forever stooping to the lowest of the lows in order to catch that final Dub." - Ikkaku Kingu complaining about the way others fight and the constant state of the ninja world."


As a young boy, Ikkaku always attempted to keep a positive outlook on life, despite many of his unfortunate circumstances, such as being the Seven tails jinchuriki or the death of his parents. He didn't grow up with particular difficulty financially but that would be dismissive to the everyday struggles a person goes through. For the most part, He never allowed the all to sudden L's to negatively define him, instead he turned his pain into ambition. Unfortunately, no man is perfect, the lingering resentment toward the land of fire having fostered over his lifetime, namely because his parents died due to radiation brought on by the 10 tails all those years ago. His Grandfather, Shiroi and Even Chomei herself would tell him many stories of the 4th shinobi world war and the heroic tale of Naruto Uzumaki, but also of the uchiha clan and their curse of hatred. Over the years he grew to dislike them and has further fueled his actions at wanting to stop similar events from taking place again in the future. When seeing the misfortunes of the common man, it fuels a distinct rage deep within him, bringing forth a need to protect the weak at all cost. This "benevolence" can be his downfall in many ways, hindering many actions that would otherwise end a battle. He is one to avoid collateral damage and leaving enemies alive even when they most certainly need to die.


Ikkaku; succumbing to his Berserk Instincts

Despite what some would call a weakness, his body is constantly and consistently absorbing nature energy, meaning he can succumb to a creeping and highly intense sense of ruthlessness. When this occurs, it causes him to lash out angrily sometimes at the expense of his own allies. He can usually return to himself before anything physical happens, though this is not always the case. In battle, it causes him to show little mercy against his opponents, something he has grown to control over time to some degree. During times of immense emotional distress, this ruthlessness can become irrepressible, added with the intensity of his tailed beast chakra it sends him into the heart of brutality, seeped in pure wrath, unleashing utter devastation upon foes and the environment alike. To see him like this is rare, saving such a self for those who absolutely must be eradicated from the world.

Still, those who know him find him to be a bit of a lovable loon. Always cracking some form of joke, or moving in a constant state of sarcasm. He tends to have high standards for those around him, pushing them to do their best in any situation. He questions others reality often and can break away into some deep quote here and there. He tends to speak in many parables, Sometimes coming off as random gibberish, too many.

No human is without flaws though, he can be a bit emotionally detached, something his lover has a hard time dealing with on a constant basis. He is highly secretive, and often times unable to give a straight answer. For all his strength, he still has a tendency to fail often times too focused on his own endeavors to see the full picture. He knows these things about himself, and can oftentimes grow to resent his own strength for the weakness he still has. There are few characters as Colorful as Ikkaku, he is your typical Tragic hero archetype, deep in history, rich and resolve but with enough in him to leave you guessing.


Nature Transformations


Hailing from the Land of Lightning, Ikkaku has become the living embodiment of Raiton. Lightning and electricity becoming an extension of his will. He has advanced standard lightning release beyond its limits, applying "Yang" chakra which empowers it to manipulate Electromagnetism (Lit. 電磁気 Denjiki). Electromagnetism manipulation is the heightened state of lightning release empowered by Yang release. It advances Ikkaku's Raiton to a level that surpasses any standard users. Being his affinity, he has learned to manipulate electromagnetic energy by electrically charging particles around him. This allows him a host of unique abilities. He is capable of both generating and storing his own electromagnetic energy. Additionally, he is able to alter the preexisting electromagnetic energy of the world around him by channeling it with his chakra. The energy he is harnessing can be used to magnetize objects, electrocute opponents, levitate, restrain or adhere people/objects to various surfaces via "static cling" and generating highly electrified physical strikes which work to either send or draw electricity from an opponent’s nervous system causing different types of cognitive lapses. Electricity becomes an automatic extension of himself, showing that there may be no true limit to the potential of electricity.


Included are various offensive and defensive electrical displays, nets, cages, blinding flashes, Electromagnetic pulses and with the hyper-vibration of Raiton chakra, it becomes a vibrant high-frequency blade capable of slicing through almost anything. Due to how Ikkaku amplifies his techniques by adding in more chakra, He can enforce his Lightning release further through the generation of Black Lightning increasing its effectiveness several times more. It is done with simplicity, by increasing how much chakra (and voltage) is present in any lightning release technique, it allows him to instantaneously switch from yellow and black electricity on the fly. When in use, it is best to avoid whatever he is throwing at you unless you can throw it right back at him. For most of these techniques, they require no seal, until you get into the utmost S rank techniques.


Black Lightning

His most distinguished method of using electricity involves increasing his speed and response time. The most basic technique (Which isn’t basic at all) is the Lightning Release Chakra Mode. Ikkaku's mastery has evolved the technique, deriving a much more effective variation. By sending electrical chakra to certain parts of his body in a straight line (As opposed to through his central nervous system) He is able to boost the window he is able to react. Thus, bypasses his nerve-system entirely, allowing him to act faster than he can think without enhancement. Because of his increased ability to sense electrical energy, he can predict an opponent’s movements by tracking the changes in their nerve-system directly. It is true, he cannot see it with his eyes like Onaji, but he can feel the energy channeling with surprising precision. This allows him to preemptively avoid assaults, and tell the general location of individuals or objects in the environment around him.


Gravity Burst Technique

Ikkaku is capable of using the rare Gravity Release(重力遁, Jūryoton) Kekkei Tota. Combing the Lightning, wind and earth natures, the user can generate strong repulsive and attractive forces. This technique differs from that of the gravity manipulation of the Rinnegan, as that controls matter. This Kekkei Tota, in short, is the generation of powerful shock-waves and suppressive or oppressive forces. There are also variations of this, including the use of repelling force and pressure control. Commonly affiliated with the user slamming both their fists together or using arm gestures, Gravity Release consists of short and mid-ranged offensive and defensive techniques that cause disruption and or damage to the natural order of gravity around oneself. Though it can be still used in a long-range situation, the power of said techniques quickly wanes at a distance, making it unreliable.


Defensive Gravitation

Gravity release is a most defensive art however, generally used for blocking attacks, cushioning impacts, or keeping opposers at bay. With enough talent, one can use it for sealing jutsu or to create platforms for the user to step on when the ground is not a viable option. This is done by sending a sudden burst of gravitation outward from ones feet, allowing them enough footing to change direction. With enough control, one can even pressurize their techniques to give them increased destructive capabilities.

The art of having gravity obey the user's will is considered outrageously difficult and can be heavily stamina draining in short bursts of usage. The chakra nature does not originate from any one clan, person or country, but is used by those all throughout the world. To use Attraction Style requires a considerable amount of chakra and should not be used by those without such. One can be quickly punished if they rely on these techniques too often. It has also been noted that Gravity Release is the antithesis to space-time ninjutsu, as gravity has a direct bearing on space and time interchangeably. In this way, he can maintain open space time portals, or immediately shut his own using this power.

It is said, that those chosen few who inherit Gravitation Release are said to be beacons in the world, involved in several major events and conflicts. These chosen individuals being major players in a universal string of fate.


Gravity Release being used in one strong motion

Uniquely enough despite Gravity release requiring Lightning, Earth and wind natures, Ikkaku has no proficiency in wind or earth natures. This has not stopped him from being extremely proficient in the manipulation of gravity however. He has grown skilled enough to control gravity at will, lifting and launching items with extreme force, and in rare cases manipulating gravity horizontally. Mostly, he is seen using it to avoid direct contact with an unsavory opponent, or for blocking unique abilities which would be a problem otherwise.

Chakra and Sensory


Ikkaku's Chakra being released

Ferocious Chakra; Bijuu Chakra

Being a Descendant of an Yoshisama Otsutsuki, Ikkaku and others of his tribe have tremendously ferocious chakra. Often, when individuals express experiencing his chakra for the first time, they describe it as an unstoppable force of nature. His chakra holds considerable weight and density, giving his techniques added pressure and effectiveness. Should someone have some type of chakra with a special attribute, it can counter it off sheer ferocity alone. Just by being releasing from his body, his chakra can cause damage to the environment around where he is standing. Combining his own with his tailed beast’s chakra results in a very corrosive and destructive form of energy that should not be taken lightly. Those who have come under its influence, or felt its wrath have described it as feral in nature, unforgiving and relentless in its pursuit of destruction. This isn’t chakra that will seep into your very being to infect you and diminish your life force, but it is an energy so potent and monstrous in both scope that it can stop season veteran’s dead in their tracks, all but forcing them to recognize such a power as worthy of respect. It does not feel very malicious, just undeniably strong. So strong, that simply by conjuring it around themselves, it can act as a buffer to another individuals chakra, suppressing foreign affects, and ultimately competing with the best of them.

Said chakra is difficult, though not impossible to absorb, taking much longer than standard chakra to fully consume. Absorbing this chakra is not so simple as taking it in and controlling it on a whim, It can be destructive if the absorb-er is not capable of controlling said energy meaning that they too must be capable of taming it unless they want to risk injury. This doubles when he is under the influence of Nature energy.

Long Ago, Yoshimasa Otsutsuki explained that at the time, the Kingu's inability to survive the natural energy that freely flowed into their body was because of their weak chakra. He granted them his own, saying "This is all i can leave them. In time they will come to understand and tame this energy. And that knowledge will ultimately save them." Ikkaku’s reserves were already large naturally, but having a bijuu within him only furthers the perception that his reserves of chakra are endless. This is something shared within his tribe, as their unstable energy could only exist as it does within bodies that can contain it.


Rapid seals

There are 3 applications of Control for a Kingu in regards to their Semblance Node System. They are Hōyō (Lit. Embrace), Yokusei (Lit. Suppress), Gekika suru (Lit. Intensify) & Kaihō (Lit Release). These are the fundamental exercises Kingu practice in order to maintain their aura, essentially utilizing Total Power but beyond this, it allows them to gain experience molding chakra. As chakra control is a normally monumental task for a Kingu, Though through mastery of these techniques, they learn a trick to chakra control. By using simple seals, one handed seals, or physical gestures, A skilled kingu forces more chakra into a technique to force it to be a success. This, for example, caused naruto to waste more chakra when using jutsu, however, for a Kingu this helps one to intensify their jutsu above normal use. This lacks efficiency, but can be the guiding factor in why Kingu win jutsu clashes. For example, due to this, Ikkaku's fire release is typically blue rather than red. Ikkaku himself is also an anomaly, His photographic memory allows him to weave more complex series of techniques, mitigating the extensive chakra loss lower level kingu would suffer from. This however, only takes a degree of that loss away, it is still a task for him to use several jutsu at once, which is why he passively loses chakra continuously over an entire battle.

Chakra Sensory

Chakra sensory is a special talent most shinobi do not possess, least not in a specialized form. In fact, when it comes to basic chakra sensory Ikkaku's is only slightly above average. It is not until he enters his transformed state does his sensory skills expand when it comes to chakra. Still, because nature energy is constantly flowing into his body at a fixed rate, he can sense significant targets from miles away.

Instead he relies on his ability to sense electrical phenomena. he can sense anything electrically conductive, or holding electrical charge with surprising precision. This includes technology, living organisms, and objects that effect the electromagnetic field around him. Even the rush of synapses from the brain to a body part cannot slip past his sensory. He can use his manipulation of gravity for sensory purposes as well though this is highly specific and rarely reliable. The effective range of this type of sensory is 1 mile, though he can expand the sensory aspect of it at a maximum of 5.


Hard work, perseverance, dedication all are better words to describe Ikkaku. Some would say genius, but this is far from the truth. The biggest boost to his intelligence is his 'photographic memory' allowing him to remember what he sees in vivid detail. It has facilitated learning ninjutsu and hand-seals to the extent he can limit the use to one or even none to initiate techniques. His photographic memory has aided in the as building and development of technology blueprints. His ability to remember makes trial and error much easier to push through, and his overall knowledge of conflict, philosophy and elemental science allows him to figure the functions of different elements and their reactions with each other. What he does not know he must still learn however. It should be noted that Ikkaku is highly intelligent, but he was never extremely remarkable outside of his memory. Trial and error is the key. In most cases he will not know how to beat an opponent's attack, unless it is in relation to something he specializes in. That being said, he does indeed know how to finesse interactions with his own techniques and weaknesses. Physical Strength & Speed


Ikkaku's speed being demonstrated from all angles

There is a reason Ikkaku is regarded by his peers as the fastest Shinobi in existence. Firstly, he can conjure electricity to empower his speed to new heights. Ikkaku has further developed one of the fastest techniques in existence able to become the physical embodiment of lightning itself. His natural speed, is not something to laugh at however, commanding a surprising level of grace and fluidity. Many simple movements, when pushed to a certain limit, produce vivid afterimages as he slips in and out of an attackers range. Overtly dexterous, and soaked in a higher degree of finesse, most of his movements are in one instance minimal, and highly exaggerated the next. Simple weaves, ducks and back-steps transition into flips, spins, cartwheels and somersaults. He can even change direction and trajectory of his own limbs on the fly, giving him the ability to dodge or minimize damage to a degree while still delivering his own fatal attack.

Being a natural talent in the art of high-speed movement, His lightning release talents are remarkable enough that he can even bypass his own nerve-system in order to react many times faster than even above average shinobi. Without his highly honed speed capabilities, he always has an option to utilize space time ninjutsu, suddenly accelerating and disappearing from enemies view. Its almost unfair to challenge Ikkaku at his fastest. In terms of defense, there is never a wasted movement. He proficiently switches from minimalist, to eccentric movements when needed. It can be an impressive display, watching Ikkaku be so close, yet always so far out of reach.


impressive dodging feats.

When his impressive speed and defensive movement is combined with his offensive capabilities, he becomes a major threat. Like many before him, Ikkaku has inherited an superb level of raw physical strength. Even against individuals who match his strength and durability or surpass it there is a surprising effectiveness in his physical strikes. One moment he is slipping an attack, the next he has quickly counterattacked, struck a vital point, and backflipped just out of his opponents range. A single well timed and deliberately placed strike can shatter bones like glass upon impact, leaving a softball sized crater in their battered bodies. Those of lesser stature quickly succumb to death when facing such blows. Grown ass men having their will shattered after seeing him in battle. Against those with wildly high levels of durability, his physical strikes can, with relative ease, knock the wind out of them. He may not have the highest damage output, but even those with bodies like towering mountains and dense steel feel the force behind a flurry of high velocity blows. There are very few able to withstand a blow for blow exchange with Ikkaku, those who can are said to be among the realm of the gods.

Onepunch-scene-01 zpsti7czssy

Speed and Power on Display

As a child he was always naturally powerful unique even. He was still only above average at best, but his time spent training under extreme conditions, under enhance gravity and immense pressure has increased his physical strength to its maximum. His being a jinchuriki, adds directly to his physical strength as well, both passively, but especially during transformations. Often times when striking an opponent, there is significant damage done to their body, and even destruction of the environment around the point of impact. He can fracture and crack bone, break solid stone and clip a tree truck in his base form.

R005-006 zps64vrlbu4

Ikkaku's full strength on display

When his physical strength is enhanced, Ikkaku is able to Lift many times his own weight (though he may struggle), obliterate the earth beneath his feet, and even break his way through a perfect susanoo's, and other constructs of similar durability, with only a handful of lethal and direct blows. It isn't just a matter of throwing raw strength around, but the way it is done. There is a surprising level of dexterity and finesse in his movements, instead of powerful one shot motions which leave the user wide open for counter attack, he prefers moving in for a quick 2-5 hit combo, before spacing himself just out of the opponents striking distance. Simply put, combating Ikkaku in a contest of thrown hands is just short of suicide, but that hasn't stopped many from trying anyway.


Ikkaku's Body


In order to maintain such physical power, one must have the physical makeup to withstand it. A weak body cannot produce powerful blows and strikes. This is because Great durability is necessary when harboring great physical strength. It’s what keeps one’s body from harming itself when exerting force and what allows one the ability to survive great assaults. Originally blessed with high durability at birth, Ikkaku's has advanced after training within the void dimension. He is capable of surviving earth shattering physical assaults, flawless cutting capabilities and concussive explosions with no ‘noticeable’ damage. His body can withstand high pressure, blazing heat, dangerous velocities (including light speed) and even attacks that work on the cellular level seem to find it difficult (though not impossible) to make its way through his defense, all made possible by superior genetics, decades of training and constant development. This does not mean he cannot be damaged however, but that he can withstand the harmful effects without immediately sustaining life threatening injuries.

During intense battles, even well crafted Blades pierce mere millimeters into his flesh, with some legendary swords being able to cut a number of inches or so deep should they land a clean blow. Crushing blows leave bruises before breaking any bone and explosions leave average 1st degree burns that may or may not send him crashing into the distance. He always rises, dusts himself off and continues the battle. He has the true essence of resilience. The peoples of land of lightning have adapted to higher air pressure due to living in the mountains, and intense temperatures changs of the Northern continent. It isn't that he has not ever been hurt in battle, but that the years of being beaten and damaged have create a body of resilience, able to withstand sustained impact, even if they are highly damaging in nature. His durability seems to be connected to his stamina however, and when he has his "Stamina Broken" he takes significantly more damage then when he is not. This is the key to harming Ikkaku, keep him on the defensive, or survive his attacking onslaught and one may just have a fighting chance.

Life Force, Stamina & Recovery Rate

Life Force

More so "resistant" then "immune" to damage, Ikkaku has a powerful life force. It takes an extraordinary level of damage in order to harm him sufficiently. His presence can instill fear and power into those he is around. He can reduce his life force at will, causing it to appear much smaller than it normally is, easily enough to deter even the most perceptive of sensors of his identity or his tailed beast. Should Chomei ever be removed from him he can survive for an extended period before dying. Even losing a limb in battle cannot slow him down much. Unfortunately, he is not a man from a medical clan, or some immortal being and can succumb to poisons and biological threats as well as extensive physical wounds should he not receive immediate medical attention. It is theorized that should he be poisoned he may have only minutes to survive, though this depends entirely on the level of threat infecting him.


Ever since he was a child, the legend of the 3rd Raikage's final moments were a mental milestone. Wanting to be strong enough to defend his allies should he ever need to. This was his greatest dream as a child. It would not have been possible without first building up ones’ stamina. Years and years of constant exercise, training, and meditation have gone into building stamina and endurance, so that no matter how long the battle, Ikkaku could continue to protect that which mattered most.

Though Ikkaku has been fighting numerous opponents over years of battle, he has yet to fight an entire army for this length of time. Despite this, Kingu themselves seem to have naturally high stamina, though they are capable of temporarily losing all stamina if struck in the torso with a clean blow. This can also occur by being forced to use high level techniques in rapid succession, including teleportation. Their stamina is meant to rise and fall periodically over a single battle, due to the ease in which they can lose their stamina. In certain instances, he can be out from anywhere between 5 to 10 seconds hardly able to move and fight at full capacity and taking more damage in the process. Should they fail to end him within this period, his stamina will rapidly recover. Over the course of a battle, the effectiveness of his transformed states lessens the more he is knocked in and out of these states.

Recovery Rate

Ikkaku recovery rate, coming mainly from his bijuu, has him healing from severe wounds in days rather than weeks and months. In the heat of battle, Ikkaku can use Chakra threads to repair damage if he should ever sustain any, even those done to his chakra network or nervous system and other vital organs. These "repairs" are a little different than healing however, but can keep things functioning in battle, while aiding in the healing process later. He can even reattach limbs this way allowing them to heal over time. He generally makes a full recovery in a matter of days and weeks, though it is rare he ever takes damage of this severity. Naturally, and due to his clan’s unique biology after taking fatal wounds, their bodies automatically increase in strength, making it almost a blessing to be hurt in battle. Unfortunately, this means little in the heat of war, as there is not enough time to actually lay down and recover.

Taijutsu & Nintaijutsu


Ikkaku's physical strikes

Taijutsu (体術, lit. Body Techniques) is a basic form of techniques and refers to any techniques involving the martial arts or the optimization of natural human abilities. Taijutsu is executed by directly accessing the user's physical and mental energies, relying on the stamina and strength gained through training. It typically does not require chakra, though chakra may be used to enhance its techniques. Taijutsu generally requires no hand seals to perform, occasionally making use of certain stances or poses, and are far quicker to use than ninjutsu or genjutsu. Taijutsu is simply put: hand-to-hand combat.


Kodai Ken Stance

Training in these arts since he was a small child Ikkaku has, for decades been further shaping and developing his Taijutsu prowess. Even as a boy, his physical strength was nothing to laugh at. His Strikes are always quick, fluid, compact highly accurate, damaging vital points, and in enhanced states launching opponents with enough force to destroy the surface of whatever they encounter. His movements often appear with a trail of afterimages, making them that much harder to predict, even for a seasoned Mangekyo sharingan. Against opponents whose bodies are like steel, his physical power still commands respect. He isn't one to go for single one hit KO blows, but prefers combo's baiting enemies using his defensive maneuvers and punishing them with several powerful palm strikes, high speed punches, and chops. His main fighting style is passed down through his family dubbed Kodai Ken(Lit. Ancient Fist). Kodai Ken is a fighting style that is primarily defensive, using the opponents speed and direction against them to redirect their blows with added force. There are many offensive stances however, most using palm strikes, chops and short distance punches to delivery blows with both speed and force. The real kicker with this fighting style is its ability to directly inject nature energy into whoever is being struck, adding that much more damage and force into each successful strike. Although this is his primary style, he has learned and derived from numerous different fighting styles, including wrestling, boxing, kickboxing and CQC. His movements are often hard to foresee, due to their being no noticeable muscle movements when striking.

Suiryu kicks Saitama down

Ikkaku Fighting From upside down

Ikkaku is able to fight at any given angle, with the help of Gravity release and space time ninjutsu. In combining the usage of these difficult to use techniques, he can appear from any position, rapidly in an attempt to deliver successful strikes on his foes. Some would find this way of fighting unorthodox, and it is, it removes an entire dimension of limitations to movement and balance that most would have to adhere too.


Ikkaku using the Black Lightning God Technique

Nintaijutsu (忍体術, Lit. Ninja Body Techniques) is a term used to describe the fighting style used by the Third and Fourth Raikage. A combination of ninjutsu and taijutsu, they use nintaijutsu by first surrounding themselves with their Lightning Release Chakra Mode. This augments the strength of their physical attacks, making them even deadlier. Their speed and reflexes are also increased. It is unknown if there are other examples of Nintaijutsu outside the land of lightning. An enhancement of traditional taijutsu, Nintaijutsu is the evolution of these arts enhanced by ninjutsu to make them much faster and much deadlier. Ikkaku primarily uses lightning release to bolster his reaction speed, strength, and durability in order to overwhelm opponents. Nintaijutsu is said to have been invented (and perfected) in the Land of lightning while mastery as its use elsewhere has been limited. It is required that one be skilled in Taijutsu, in order to fully utilize the art and different elements can be used to create unique variations. As such Ikkaku is the inventor, and only known user of Jiku Nintaijutsu (Lit. Space-Time Nintaijutsu)

Using his electromagnetic sensory, Ikakku can “feel out” an opponent’s nervous system. In some cases, individuals entire body can be flushed of electricity in a single well placed, well timed strike. He can direct the electricity in the body, disrupt it, or destroy numerous parts of the system including the axons of the neuron by overpowering the electrical signals that are sent. He is also capable of, with questionable accuracy, blocking off certain sections of the body from receiving signals from the brain for a short period. This ability can effectively fry the brain, making someone a vegetable. This is not a delicate process, as previously stated he cannot see these groupings of nerves, instead, he has basic knowledge of the human bodies layout, and knows to drain high levels of, or force high levels of electrical energy into a limb or ligament.


Void Sealing Formula


Fūinjutsu (封印術, Literally meaning: Sealing Techniques) are a type of jutsu that seal objects, living beings, chakra, along with a wide variety of other things within another object. Fūinjutsu can also be used to restrict movement or unseal objects either from within something or someone.

Within the Kingu Tribe, there are a handful of clans proficient in these arts. The clan often has little issue transferring knowledge to other clans, so long as they have been worthy. Working with many of their sister clans, Ikkaku has studied under them, learning the way of fuinjutsu and sealings. He is talented enough in its use to be able formulate extremely complex seals, that stack both odd and even numbers in such a way that it makes them extremely difficult to overcome by normal means. He can compile different seals together, causing a duel effect, and can even rewrite a seal with a single hand seal, or replicate it to cover a wider range. It seems he is proficient enough that he can sense other sealing jutsu being used around him and is also able to deduce the number of different formula in a sealing jutsu cracking its code in half the time it would take a normal practitioner depending on how complex it is or if it is a subject he understands. For example, a medical fuinjutsu will be much harder to understand and crack in comparison to one based around space time or electricity.

He can also protect himself from any harmful effects a special fuinjutsu might hold so long as he is able to create a counter seal before being sealed directly, though this can only be done in a well-controlled environment. Ikkaku's Fuinjutsu are based on Music notes. To crack the illustrious code devised by Ikkaku and his clans most formidable Sealing experts, the correct tempo for chimes that emits from the seal. If you don’t solve the right combination in time , the sealing formula changes to that of an odd set of tempo. To break it, you must find the tempo change and apply it using your own seal to match, which is almost impossible in the heat of battle. This process must be repeated for every marking on the seal, in the void seals case, 7 times. Though this becomes much more troublesome in larger sealing.

Jikukan Ninjutsu

Ikkaku's use of space time ninjutsu is indeed special. A product of an ancient seal used to usurp control of one of Kaguya's dimensions. Long ago the ancient Otsutsuki battled for dominance, and Kaguya using her ability sealed him away for a millennia. His subjects troubled by this found a way to link his presence and this dimension to a seal which they have guarded for generations. Ikkaku after completing his clans rite of passage ceremony took the seal upon himself, sealing it within his own nerve-system allowing him to flicker between dimensions at will. This has awarded him a series of space time abilities, as well as an instability between them. He can (Though done forcefully and is harmful to his mental health) peer into alternate dimensions. This explains why he has knowledge of his existence in alternate realms. (This is why Ikkaku being in other games/rp’s is canon) His time space usage is such that if others attempt to tamper with his own time space use, he can deter their attempt at disrupting him momentarily. Able to manipulate space and time as freely as he does lightning he may be the most proficient practitioner in these arts today. He is capable of sensing when other space time ninjutsu are being used, by sensing the distortions in the space time continuum. He can sync himself with others dimensional voids in order to pursue, or evade them. There is a maximum distance around Ikkaku, or any void seal where an object can be warped. This invisible distance Dubbed “Zōn” (Lit."Zone”) By Ikkaku is unknown to anyone other than himself. The maximum distance is about 12ft from himself and 6ft from any marked objects. Ikkaku's mastery doesn't just end with teleportation techniques. He can affect space and time around him, manipulating certain areas in order to unleash devastating attacks, or to save himself from harm.


The void dimension

Kūdō Jikūkan (Lit. Void Time-Space Dimension) Is a vast dimension originally controlled by Kaguya Otsutsuki. Greatly resembling the vastness of space, this world expands outward in what seems to be infinity, though this is only because it hasn't been fully explored. Originally it was a world only accessible by lady kaguya herself, but became sealed off from her when she sealed Yoshisama Otsutsuki to the dimension. Time flows very differently in this world allowing one to gain much more experience here without losing time in the real world. 10 minutes within the dimension is about 5 or so seconds in the pure world, while a year inside can equal about 7 days. Due to the nature of the dimension, extended stay for individuals who are not able to withstand its harsh conditions will find themselves in fatal danger Gravity can at the weakest be 3x that of Earth's normal level, with it slowly building to at least 10x that of earths at the heaviest. Being here for long periods can result in loss of life force, as one still ages while within the world itself. This means one cannot live there indefinitely without giving up their physical body in the process.

This realm was originally nameless. Ikkaku gave it the name Void due to its near infinite emptiness. Random floating platforms of rock float freely here un-bothered by the extreme forces of gravity. It is also rich in nature energy allowing Ikkaku to draw upon that energy at will. This dimension lays parallel to the realm most live in, allowing rapid transfer to and from the impure world. Currently the only way to enter the void is with a piece of the seals formula. A particularly skilled and fast space time user can attempt to sync with the void, but Ikkaku can block this access if he catches it in time, shutting the entry way immediatly upon his exit.

Void Techniques

Makarov is taken from Zeref


Kūdō Yuso (Lit. "Void Transport") Is the transportation variation of Void teleportation. Used only when traveling greater distances, it allows the user to, using the Kūdō Jikūkan (Lit. Void Time-Space Dimension) as a medium to travel great distances. This technique typically requires more chakra the greater the distance traveled, and requires that Ikkaku be able to clearly visualize where he is going. If not, he could warp himself into solid objects, killing himself in the process. With a Boidoshīru (Lit. ボイドシール "Void Seals") It makes finding a specific location much easier, though it can also be done using chakra sensory if the chakra being sensed is great enough. There is a technique that, using the Void seals as a medium, allows the user to project their senses into a location before warping, allowing them to scope out a location. It seems that the users mind is linked, allowing them to see in the void whenever necessary. This technique is much more difficult to use in a close combat situation, because it requires intense focus and concentration, usually limiting the user to only being able to warp away. A seal of confrontation is required and without it, they will not be able to jump to a far off location. This technique isn't typically used whilst in battle, as it requires 30 seconds to use, and results in the user leaving the battle.

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Kōsoku Kūdō (Lit. High-Speed void) in action

Kōsoku Kūdō (Lit. High-Speed Void) The bread and butter of the Void Ninjutsu. It is possibly one of the fastest Space time ninjutsu in existence. Only possible after Ikkaku sealed the entire Void formula into his Nervous system, this technique allows the user to warp instantaneously to anywhere in the immediate vicinity. The user warps in and out of the void in a rapid flicker, appearing anywhere within range of the technique instantaneously. At times, warping leaves behind solid afterimages that can trick individuals, as Ikkaku's presence completely disappears and lags behind his movements each time he warps. A Skilled space-time practitioner has a better chance as countering this effect, but not without having to sync themselves to his void first. There is a maximum range that a user can use High-speed Void, being 12 feet, though Ikkaku can increase this range to 20 feet by expensing more chakra into the warp. By using foreign objects with Void Seals, he can extend his warping distance even further, by compiling the different “Zōn” (Lit.”Zone”) near one another, they can chain together spaces that the user is connected via Space-Time. From his weapons, the Warp distance is automatically 24 feet. This can cause his teleportation range to extend well beyond his normal limits, though when shattered, these zones disappear until the seal (or weapon) is reformed. As more weapons come into use, so to does the seal on the weapon, weakening this range by 4 feet per multiplier.

There is a special way of using the void to achieve...the impossible. Due to the lag in time, the user slows down their need to return, allowing them an extended degree of time to plan, strategize or gain access to a transformation. This technique, causes the user to disappear for 5 seconds in the real world, allowing them the full 10 minutes to access the full scale of their abilities. This technique can only be used once per battle, without immediate repercussions. It draws on the users life-force regardless, shaving years of their life, but attempting to use this numerous times in a single battle results in such an intense level of strain, the user begins to glitch within space and time, unable to function let alone battle.

Fullsizeoutput 1f3

High Speed Void Assault

At its fastest level, The High-Speed void can see the user warping several Dozen times in rapid succession. Their chakra signature becomes almost impossible to detect in a single spot, as images of the user are seen all over. In this warp, the user can attack during the warp by grounding themselves in the current space at the moment of impact, disappearing the moment contact is made. Should they continue to warp without stopping and overly exceed the limit , they will experience extreme dizziness, nausea and headaches leaving them unable to teleport for about 30 seconds and all but unable to fight at full capacity. This has been explained by Ikkaku, to be the time difference catching up with the user as they have jumped in and out of the dimension too many times in a given instance, switching from the voids time, and the natural worlds. Without giving themselves time to adjust, they become unable to function for 2 or 3 seconds when this occurs, with the 30 second teleportation limit being imposed.

There are a handful of special effects that can be granted to void teleportation depending on techniques used during the warp. Mostly comprised of elemental effects, these techniques add deadly variations to this instantaneous speed technique.

Seidenki Kūdō (Lit "Static Void") A Special warping technique, where the user emits electrical energy upon return. This can come by way of electrical sparks, electromagnetic pulses, or literal lightning bolts cascading upon the area around him. Those in proximity find themselves electrocuted, leaving them open for a follow up strike.

Nenshō Kūdō(Lit. "Burning Void") A variation of the special Series of Void teleportation using fire. The user will appear under the cover of intense flames. Burning everything near them, those who find themselves near these ultra-hot flames are burned to an describable crisp.

Jūryoku-ko Kūdō(Lit. "Graviton Void") One of the rarest forms of Void teleportation. Appearing under a massive burst of gravitational force, those who cannot effectively foresee this technique find themselves subject to various gravitational effects. This can be in the form crushing force, repulsive force, attractive forces, and sometimes zero gravity all together.

Yuragi Kūdō (Lit. "Glimmering Void") A method of void teleportation where the user appears in a bright glimmer of light using Scale powder. The powder expands across a vast area, blinding targets at the same time. This powder can linger, and is highly flammable.

Sage Transformation


So Denryo, Active.


Ikkaku with Kodai Modo active

Very much like Juugo's clan, The Kingu Zoku are peoples capable of naturally drawing on the force of Nature Energy. This is done through a system in their body known as the Semblance Nodes. These nodes resemble the function of the Chakra network, but draw raw Nature energy into them funneling it throughout the body first into the chakra network, then throughout the body into the cells. While the entire clan can utilize some form of sage Transformation, Only the Kingu Clan Specifically (The tribe’s MAIN clan) can utilize the specialized Kodai Modo It is said this form is the closest mutation related to Yoshimasa Otsutsuki. Each clan has their own variation of this Sage Transformation, often times given another name and a different type of increase to the body. All Kingu are able to use"So Denryo", a low level training transformation that generates a thin aura of nature energy around the body. Kodai modai, increases this aura to frightening levels, influencing the entirety of the body.

Kodai Modo — (Lit. Ancient Mode) This evolution of total power is specific to the Kingu Clan's Main family. It is arguably the most powerful of sage transformations from the Kingu tribe. This technique amplifies the users abilities by 50%, drawing on the Natural energy into producing a powerful aura. This aura represents the body producing heavy amounts of Natural energy infused chakra, invigorating the users body and removing limitations. Having access to this massive pool of raw energy gives them an unnatural boost in all capabilities. What this does is grant the user similar effects to sage mode, Giving the user added speed, strength and resilience. What's more, Is that users are capable of better controlling their chakra with this transformation active, able to call on several techniques at once. This is because being able to use this form requires a tremendous amount of chakra control, as well as body control, exclusive to some of the most skilled Kingu.

When active, the first change that can be noticed is the increase of lightning like veins all over the body. The physical aspect of the vassel becoming more dominating and resilient are shown plainly. Typically, if the user has had so denryo active, the aura will change from clearish-gray to a vivid gold hue, coating the user like a violent film of energy. It flows freely, and unrestrained, and minor streaks of electrical energy dance around their body. This form increases the users Rage, overshadowing certain aspects of their personality if they lack the proper experience. A total pacifist becomes a torturous warmonger after transforming. They have no issue shattering skulls, or removing limbs and oftentimes act hastily and without much remorse or thoughts to their actions. It takes years of focus and training to overcome this.

Masters of this technique can draw out maximum power allowing for extended use, increased and enhanced strength, enhanced endurance and durability and a tremendous speed boost. A single full powered physical blow from a Kodai master is strong enough to harm a tailed beast. Natural energy is used in large volumes which can be harmful to just about anything in the shinobi world. They can even break a Susanoo's defenses after a number of direct hits. The final level of Kodai Modo is known as "Shin No Kodai Modo" (lit. True Ancient Mode)in which the user increases their power by 100%. The user’s muscles become slim, but well-toned, and they become much more prone to raw excessive violence. They are able to withstand the strongest level of assault displaying the raw force of nature that a master of the technique can become. Those not up to par cannot see their movements clearly. A Master is capable of handling several Kage class adversaries on their own. Despite it being unique to his clan, it is rare to see let alone see from a master. As previously stated, this form drains stamina at a decent rate whilst high level techniques add to it, forcing him to eventually power back down. The user can power down preemptively should he feel the need to, reserving nature energy subsequently. In short, they are like sages, though much more brutal and feral in style.

Tailed Beast Techniques

As a jinchuriki who has become partners with his Bijuu, Ikkaku Is capable of the well-known Tailed beast techniques. Version 1 and 2 techniques are when the user coats themselves in the Tailed Beasts chakra increasing their strength and power. They are basic and common among powerful Jinchuriki but are only a small portion of the beasts power.


Ikkaku's Chomei Sync mode.

Chomei Dōki no Modo (Lit. "Chomei synchronization mode") Is a form where Ikkaku uses Chomei's chakra and techniques to create an unique armor. Similar to Kurama Sync Mode, it can only be achieved when the user is on good terms with their beast, and has a high understanding of what is capable when using its abilities. First the chakra manifests around his skin as an armor of chakra threads, seeping from his Pores and encasing him in a highly durable cast, one which suppresses the rate of chakra absorption techniques.

These chakra threads are canonical, and can only be pierced by a Chakra blade (or similar techniques). His hair flows comparable to green radiant energy, and his eyes turn a glowing orange hue. Next Using shape transformation and his imagination, he manifests a top layer armor is of Chomei's natural insect Shell, which is also highly resilient, able to withstand piercing and bladed weapons without fail. this layer is designed to protect the chakra threads underneath, and as such can be affected by intense blunt force damage. When this layer begins to accumulate damage, cracks and chips begin to show, growing larger before shattering off his body, exposing the chakra thread portion underneath. This layer of armor can be steadily repaired at the expense of great volumes of chakra, much of which is being spent all the while maintaining all the supplementary techniques happening all at once.

Ikkaku is able to manifest tailed beast balls simplistically, either in the palms of his hands, or anywhere around him where he can gather chakra. Essentially, he is able to freely take use of any tailed beast ninjutsu, and natural abilities that the bijuu may have. This armor was inspired by his days traveling in Dense Darkness Continent where he had to sport heavy armor and large weapons. Its design and style was formulating using chakra control and his experiences in his home country. The armor resembles the many hunters who dawn heavy armor made from Beasts remains, in which case this armor represents his "Taming" of Chomei. Ikkaku States that each of his limbs represents a separate "Tail" meaning both his arms and legs, as well as the two wings on his back and the actual tail.

By manipulating and applying more chakra flow, Ikkaku can stack additional techniques such as lightning God modo. By applying supplementary techniques in tandem with Chomei's Natural insect abilities, He unlocks different stances, that change the way he is able to battle.

Chomei Sync Mode: Great Lightning Stance

When activating Lightning God Modo in Tandem with Chomei Sync Mode, Ikkaku gains access to increased levels of speed, empowered by the chakra of a Tailed beast. He is unable to use techniques that are not lightning based however, including gravity style, or fire style, though he can still use Chomei's natural abilities freely. By applying Black Lightning The techniques grows substantially in effectiveness, but cost double the amount of chakra. If overused, the user begins to feel increased numbness and short term stamina loss.

Chomei Sync Mode: Ancient Lightning Stance The most powerful of Enhancements, Chomei and Ikkaku truly becoming one. They both draw on the power of Nature energy to empower the entirety of their being. Because Ancient Modo enhances a Kingu's cells, this technique gives him the combined use of what is essentially sage mode, as well as tailed beast techniques. In many ways, this Stance can be considered Tailed Beast Sage mode As it grants the user a wider array of jutsu to use at once. In this stance, Ikkaku loses the previous Limitation of only being able to use Lightning Techniques, as the full influence of Nature Energy gives him full control over his chakra, Freeing him up to use Gravity Style, and other elements. This form is extremely chakra taxing, should the user be firing off techniques left and right. The maximum number of clones that can be made while in this transformation is 2. Due to the difficulty in maintaining said armor, two clones is all Ikkaku's ever manage to muster.

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Zettai no Bijū KidōSuru kanjō Wakusei-kei Bijūdama - (Lit. "Absolute Tailed Beast Orbital Ring Tailed Beast Ball")

While transformed, Ikkaku can use all of Chomei's techniques, as well as enhanced version of his own. His tailed beast balls are particularly powerful, so much so that when he combines them with his use of gravity release to condense the power, allowing for much more explosive force due to compression. When created, his tailed beast balls can resemble planets with rings orbiting another, some surrounded by discs capable of cutting down whatever crosses their path.

Tailed beast combo

Multiple Tailed Beast Balls being thrown

Ninja Tools Specialities

Ketsueki Blood Seal Made specifically for Ikkaku Kingu, her second in the series of specialized seals made specifically by her for someone not affiliated by blood with her clan. Unlike her first experimental set of seals, one of the most important alterations she’s made is an overly intricate encryption to her seals. Something that was never needed before considering only other Ketsueki clansmen were capable of toying with seal of her own making, now with the idea that her brethren might come across him in battle she’s taken steps to prevent the inevitable breech of his gift from her to be used against him. Although it’s still possible to crack it, it will test the true skill of anyone from her family, the skill level of such heavy lettering can only be match by that of the royal family and even then it comes down to sheer experience.

Fullsizeoutput 138

Hikoto's Blood Seal

When the original was made in the chance of her unplanned death or absence, this is made for her to be present or separated from her host. Using the users blood mixed with hers, The seal is able to make organically based clones of not just herself but anyone under the condition that they be of blood relation to said Host. She’s able to re-create a body and little bit over half of their original ability and techniques. As long as the host shares common chakra affinities and abilities. This could be used to summon siblings or parents of a host. The seal remains in effect as long as the clone is fed regular small dosages of blood from the Host as a penalty. If not monitored, the host could die of blood loss. The seal is hidden on his left arm under his sleeve. Because the blood itself is sentiently Hikoto, it can administer small scale healing, and filter the blood of heavy toxins upon creation of the blood clone itself. This is risky however, as the user can lose too much blood and fall unconscious if they're not careful.


The Mugen No Buki in Spear Form

Mugen No Buki - (Lit. "Infinity Sword") Is a weapon created in an alien world. Originally belonging the Yoshisama Otsutsuki he entrusted the weapon to his subordinates. In order to pass on his will. With the last of his physical life force, He sealed the 7 "Keys" which are essentially a complex time space formula into each of the weapons parts and released it from within what is now the Void Dimension. Over the centuries, the weapon laid dormant deep within the Great Wyvern Valley. It wasn't until Ikkaku's graduation of the "New Soul Tournament" did the weapons come into use again.


"Phasing ability"

The weapon has a special Jujutsu Sealed within them that only allow them to be manipulated through a specific electromagnetic frequency. By manipulating this tool, It can be reshaped and molded however the user see's fit. When being altered, it splinters and shifts like some form of technological marvel, pieces locking together like an intricate puzzle. Each can be manipulated separately, or combined into a single object, and can be imbued with elements as needed. Within these weapons are the remnants of the void keys, a simple void formula that allows the weapon to be sent partially to the void for a split second. allowing it to pass through objects while visually still being within this realm. It seems that this weapon is capable of being imbued with Ikakku's “Elder Dragon slaying blade technique, which turns the blade into a High-frequency blade that weakens the molecular bonds of anything cut. The “Mugen” has numerous different forms that it can transform into. These are the more frequent weapon forms. This weapon, despite is malleable nature is extremely durable, and can only be truly broken or destroyed by powerful techniques.


Stage Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Part I 5 5 2.5 3.5 4.5 5 5 3.3 33.8




A Young Ikkaku

Ikkaku was a simple boy. He enjoyed the outdoors and being free to explore. Being a child jinchuriki didn't afford him very many friends until well into his teen years. He was Raised by his Grandfather, Shiroi Deep in the mountains surrounding Kumogakure.

He wasn't a prodigy or anything of that nature, but the unfairness of a photographic memory gave him a noticeable advantage in the Academy. When it came to school work he could recall information in lectures without much thought. The true troubles came in practicality. Some came to resent him for this, and would mock him when he failed in the field. If it weren't for the friends he made during this time, he may have never become who he was today.

He was always seen building or inventing some special tool or object when young. It was arguably his most apparent advantage. He would make improvised weapons, traps and explosives not seen anywhere else. This is what has fueled his life as an expert in Shinobi based technologies. The introduction of chakra into clothing, as well as devices was paramount in his success.

Teenage Years

After Failing the chunin exams for the first time, it became evident that Ikkaku had much to learn. He relied on his tools, but needed to better understand his own body, and its uniqueness. He and his grandfather would make their way to the Kingu Clans homeland, for him to complete the "New Soul Tournament" A rite of passage for those becoming of age in their society.


Ikkaku in his Teenage Years

The tournament is a long process, consisting of nonstop battles over the course of a month. Those with the most wins at the end of the tournament then enter the final bracket, the best of the best of that month’s fighters competing for a chance at the final prize.

Those who make it to this step, can exit their home to venture into the Wyvern filled region just outside their walls. This is known as the Great Wyvern Valley, a region filled with different types of monstrous beasts and wildlife. It is used a place for growth and discovery, and resembles many forests of death.

It was here that he learned to access the first stage of unlocking Kodai Modo. Learning to open and limit the semblance node system within him. Only after being introduced to this did he understand how to draw on the nature energy constantly flowing within him. When controlled, the output is referred to as "Aura" the representation of their empowered chakra when under the influence of what is essentially senjutsu. In most users, even those of different families it be a thing coat of energy surrounding their bodies. By focusing it, they can reduce damage done to their bodies by varying degrees.

He fought hard, but was knocked out in the Final battle of the tournament. Though with his newfound ability, and his new-found ambitions, he set off for the chunin exams once again. By now, he was about 9 years old.

it would take an entire year of typical shinobi life until the exams opened again, leaving a little more time to grow in the field. By the time the exams had come, he had a better grasp of the "total power" technique and its mechanics, plus a few more tricks up his sleeve.

The exams came to the end, and facing a particularly difficult opponent, an uchiha. It came down to the wire, and a genjutsu almost set Ikkaku to lose, Chomei active within him, took advantage of the rage that comes with the use of nature energy, and set him into a fury, ending his opponent rapidly. That death plagued him, as he didn't get to defeat them with his own power, and he had done something without even being able to remember. He had taken a life, and that realization took its tole on him. Another trip back to his home-land was needed.

After returning to the Dark continent, he would join a hunting caravan, deep in the great-wyvern valley. He had been allowed to enter the region thanks to making it to the finals last year, and so this is where his true training would begin.


A group of hunters in the desert

While here, he traveled with a group of individuals, a blacksmith and his apprentice, An old guru who sold exotic trinkets of an endless variety, and 3 other hunters. Together they charted much of the region, finding rare and interesting artifacts, ecological sites and rare types of wyvern. Regrettably, this work was horrendously difficult, with the possibility of losing your life being very high. Only the stoutest warriors could do such work, and be a successful hunter while doing it. Ikkaku had managed to do both.

He would do this for 4 years, completing the tourney as a winner in between this time. By the end of it all, he would be about 15 years old. All the while training his body and mind to suppress the wrath that could effortlessly slip out of him. He learned to wield many different weapons during this time, some more unique than others but all equally powerful. He would return to the village on his 16th birthday...

Adulthood to Present


The "Karma Fortress" A Mobile castle with Chakra canons. It is the home base of the Kudo-Gun and to those who have seen it, arguably its own nation.

Upon returning to the Land of Lightning, Ikkaku continued to work as a ninja for some years. He was promoted to jonin at the age of 17, and worked for a number of years until he made a break through with his technology. The Kumo-Gyangu (Lit. Cloud Gang) was founded during this period. After he was finished being apart of the armed forces, the cloud gang was disbanded, but transitioned into his current hidden military organization. The Kudo-Gun (Lit. Void troops). The operate for the Land of Lightning, but on Ikkaku's own terms. This is allowed as a necessary piece to protect their country from the criminal underworld. As such, the group should they ever be found out, will be considered a criminal organization.


Ikkaku suited up

With that secret hidden away, he takes the public spot-light as the leader of Amagumo Industries, a company that deals with commercial and military based technologies. He is world famous because of it, and that has helped him hide his secret identity and operations from the public eye. He spends his days in insurmountable wealth, traveling the world and thwarting evil intent against his country all over the world.

Void Walker


Thanks to sealing the void formula into his body, he has become unstable with time and space. Often time he will begin to lag and flicker, and suffers from visions of himself in parallel worlds. It is why he can learn of himself in alternate plains of existence, and why in one world he may exist, but in another he may not. When Kaguya seal his ancestor in the void, he too suffered this fate. Losing his physical form and forced to wonder the infinite dimensions for eternity, or at least until someone takes his place. When Ikkaku dies, his soul will take the place of Yoshimasa, existing within the void to travel from realm to realm (Rp world to rp world) until one comes along to take his place.


Ikkaku has been around for a decade Real world time.

Many of his techniques were inspired by characters such as Kenshiro, Goku along with the HxH Nen system

Much of his lore is based around Monster Hunter, and many of the summons are inspired or directly taken from there

Ikkaku is not well received by the community, never has been and never will.