Illusion Veil of Mountain Mist
Name: 錯視覆面山水(Sakushi Fukumen Yama Mizu, English TV: Illusion Veil of Mountain Mist
Rank: Unknown
Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Hand Seals: Unknown
Range: Short
Inventor: Engan Presumably
User(s): Engan
Parent Jutsu: None
Derived Jutsu: None

Illusion Veil of Mountain Mist is a jutsu utilized by the Sanmori of Zettai, Engan. It creates a misty material around his hand which, when struck at a target, cocoons them. The fog, on contact with the target's skin, creates a genjutsu, which plays on their feelings and fears about the situation at hand. This allows the user to literally wrap foes in genjutsu, so that the target must get through layers of the genjutsu, each harder to detect.

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