This article, Illusionary Dragons: Will Bending Jutsu, is property of Ten Tailed Fox.

  • Name: Illusionary Dragons: Will Bending Jutsu
  • Type: Sealing
  • User: Gensho
  • Hand Seals: Tiger, Snake, Rat, Ox, Dog, Ram

This jutsu is used by Gensho, the Kagekenin leader, and his subordinates in tandem to forcibly drain the spirit and chakra of KyuubiTaishou from its sword form, then seal it in a large gate. The jutsu takes one full day to complete.

To prepare for the jutsu, Gensho summons the sealing gate and each member stands on one of its pillars. Each of the Kagekenin members present then concentrate, causing the kanji of their names to appear on the bar of the pillar they're standing on. A dragon-like chakra then pour from the gate's mouth, surround the captured word, and force the sword into the gate, where it is forced to give its chakra until Gensho removes it. It can remain in the cage even after this jutsu ends.

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