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Naruto fanon character

Inade Amida

Inade Amida
Birth Date November 21th
Age 15
Blood type AB
Gender Male
Rank Chunin
Team Team Kina
Affiliation Villa Oculta En La Vida
Partner Shirayuki Sonne,Jin Kenryo,Yumi Kina
Family None all his relatives died in the war. Lover: Yumi Kina


Is a ninja from the Villa Oculta En La Vida.He dreams of being the leader of the village and to defeat Keinichi Takeda.He is probably the one of the best swordsmen in the entire village being able to defeat tons of ninja easily.He realized his love for his sensei and they are going out.


Inade is very confident he greatly beleives in his abilities and will do anything to accomplish his dreams.He is also like naruto,Goofy and not too bright with things not related to battle,however as a shinobi he has proven himself a prodigy,being able to learn very difficult jutsu in an astonishingly fast pace.He is also short-tempered and gets very angry when people tease him about his height.He also has a great rivalry with Jin Kenryo his teammate.And he sees his sensei as a mother figure and told her he loved her and they are now dating.


His Espada's name is "Ultima"(Lit. last or final ).It has shown no unique abilities,though it semms to be a bit longer than the normal Espada.

(more info soon)

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