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Inasu Jitsuzai
Kanji 往なす実在
Rōmaji Inasu Jitsuzai
Literal English To Sidestep Reality
Appears in Anime, Manga
Rank S-rank
Class Supplementary
Range All ranges

Despite this technique's name which may cause one to think the technique involves changing reality this technique merely allows the user to step in and out off a parallel plane of existence. By doing this the user is able to perform a pseudo Space-Time technique. Unique to Shirokaze Fuyutama, this technique was created in order to keep up with his partner, and leader of Akatsuki, Koi Shūrai. While the details on performing this technique have been kept secret by Shirokaze he has apparently used Majutsu to attempt to mimic Space-Time Ninjutsu resulting in the creation of the technique. What is known is that by whatever means the technique is activated the user steps into a parallel plane to the known world. This plane appears much like our own except it is apparently void of life and appears much like a wasteland littered with the ruins of buildings that currently exist in the real world. In addition to the terrain the sky in the realm seems to be stuck in a perma-twilight. This parallel realm is best described as a kind of limbo. In this realm one's energy doesn't expire nor do wounds progress. As a drawback to this quality, one cannot heal in this realm nor can they progress in physical experience. While in this realm time in the outside realm appears to move extremely slow giving people the illusion that the user of this technique can teleport themselves over great distances. In reality the user must actually travel the distance that they are hoping to seemingly teleport in the other realm. Due to the nature of this parallel realm this technique only requires energy to enter and exit the realm. For whatever reason Shirokaze has decided to use this technique primarily for long distance transportation and doesn't appear to use it while in combat. As an added note when both appearing in disappearing while using this technique the user appears to be enveloped in swirling black chakra. This the visual appearance of this technique has a certain likeness to how Ganza, the former Warmarshal of Konoha seemingly teleported.

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