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To see what has happened, read Indo Returns.

Where am I?

Indo woke up. All he saw was black abyss. He couldn't see his fact, he couldn't see any of his body. Only his nose. Indo was very tired, but he noticed that his wrists had ropes tied around them, and he felt a pull on them, like he was hanging. He noticed that he felt cold on his torso, realizing that his shirt was off (if there was a torso). All the sudden, he saw blinding light. As his eyes adjusted, he noticed he was in a small room and an ANBU Black Op stood there. He was hanging by two ropes. Indo heard the door in the right corner creak. The door flew open. A man about 43 or so ran into the room and grabbed Indo's face, "What are you hiding, demon?!?" Indo was too tired to reply. The man slapped him hard, "Are you deaf!?! Answer me!" Indo was far too tired. The man was given a Firebrand by the near by ANBU Black Op, "So let's see if you can withstand heat, bird boy."

Tsunade Arrives

Tsunade and Iruka ran through the door and saw the Man about to burn Indo. Tsunade yelled, "STOP!!!" The man stopped and said nothing. Indo murmurmed, "...Tsunade...?" The man yelled, "I've captured the enemy! He tried attacking my unit!" Tsunade replied, "Kakashi told me he was coming back. I gave you strict orders to escort him to my office!" The man replied, "But he attacked us. What would you have us do?" Tsunade replied, "No, Captain! Iruka saw the entire thing. YOUR unit attacked HIM first!" The man threw down the Firebrand, "With you as the Hokage, I'm surprised that this village hasn't been burnt to the ground!" The man angrily walked out. Iruka untied his arms, "Are you alright?" Indo said nothing.

To see what happens next, go to "Tsunade Explains".

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