Highest Rank Senshi
Occupation Ninja, Senshi
Age 20
Height 187.5 cm (5'11)
Weight 70.57 kg (160 lbs)
Gender Male
Race Human
Land of Origin Soshigakure
Nature Affinity Fire, Wind
Affiliation Soshigakure

Father: Enko Ryuu Mother: Suika Ookami Wife/Fiance: Migoto Rai

Titles The Dragon Master
Teachers Unknown


Inferuno Ryuu Is the last of the Ookami Clanand the Ryuu Clan.


Name: Inferuno Ryuu or Tatsuki

Age: 19-20

Birthday: June 2nd

Past: Inferuno was used as a Jinchuuriki and grew up as a orphan. When he disrespected the Daimyo's of the lands, most of them were angry but none angrier than the TsuchiKage and to make it worse he found out that Inferuno was a Ryuu and a Ookami, he sent 5 Squads of Iwa Anbu to take him out. The reason was because he was from the Kuma(Bear) family who were rivals with the Ookami Clan. At thirteen Inferuno who had now became friends with his inner demon, went to Iwa and fought the kage beating him with thehelp of his demon. He then went to Soshigakure, and became one of the strongest in that village..

Personality: Brave, Perverted, Smart, Calm and Funny. Inferuno teases alot of people and doesn't take it to far most of the time

Weapons: Twin katanas, one black and red, one white and red(They have spirits inside them a Wolf and Dragon). Also a chakra blade in his shoes.

Kekkai Genkai: Can control different fires like, Red fire, Orange fire, Yellow fire, Green fire, Silver fire, Gold fire, White fire and Blue fire and Kaseigan.

Jinchuuriki: Yes, Wolf Demon(Also known as the Guardian of The Moon. He is the strongets out of the Guardians and it's said he made Moon Country) .(it is weaker than the kyuubi but they arent enemies, he's about as strong as Yamichi no Orochi or is it Hachibi no Ushi, but stronger)

Partners(Animal): A Demon wolf(Mikazuki) and the dragon prince(Denkiteki-Legendary)

Crushes/Girlfriend/Fiance/Wife: Migoto Raikou is his Wife

Nickname: Aka no Ryuu(The Red Dragon)

Looks: Hair(Black) like Toshiro Hitsugiya but has a short low pony tail, and has two bangs on his right side on his face, and also a scar on his right eye.

Ninjutsu: Good with Katon,Raiton and Futon bad with Suiton and Doton(His affinity is Fire-Main, Lightning-Secondary and Fuuton-Third) Taijutsu: (Good)Only uses one style(like the firebenders) Genjutsu:Below Average Kenjutsu: Very good It depends on how old he is

Clothes: Chest- Red short sleeved shirt, black ANBU armor that covers the heart and, a black sleeveless Jounin Jacket but smaller that has four pockets. Black trench coat taht has "Aka no Ryuu" in kanji. Legs- Black trousers that stop a little below the knees, white medical bandages around his legs and black ninja shoes. Arms- White medical tape around his arms, black metal gauntlets and black fingerless gloves that have a metal plate on them. Basically-Normal jounin clothes but black, red and white instead. With a Trench coat.

Signature Moves- Yorozu Hisaki(Ten Thousand Flames), Kyu Enko Ryuu(Nine Flame Dragons), Shi Gekkou Ookami(Four Moonlight Wolves), Go Juu Chi Kirichirasu(Supposed to mean Fifty Thousand Slashes ), Gekkou Kata(Only used with White and Red Sword, it leaves lines of light wherever his sword has been). Aoi-RekkaRyuKen(Green Blazing Dragon Fist)

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