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Infinite Tsukuyomi
Infinite Tsukuyomi
Kanji 無限月読
Rōmaji Mugen Tsukuyomi
Literal English Infinite Moon Reader
Other Limited Tsukuyomi (限定月読, Gentei Tsukuyomi)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie
Classification Kekkei Genkai, Genjutsu, Dōjutsu
Class Supplementary
Derived jutsu

This technique is the key to Madara's Eye of the Moon Plan.

Description Edit

By establishing eye contact with only a standard Sharingan, the user can create an empty dimension under their control, which can be then filled with contents of his or her desire, using the power of the Shinju to do so. While physically tethered and connected to the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, Madara can manipulate the otherwise blank and white world to create anything he wants no matter how detailed, and control it. By doing this he can create a world exactly as he wants.

To trap every human being in this genjutsu, however, it has to be cast onto the moon's surface using the eye of the Shinju. In order to do this, one must become its jinchūriki. The technique is done by assimilating a person into the Shinju. Once this is done, the person is locked in a permanent genjutsu yet will live endlessly from the Shinju's power.

Variants Edit

Limited Tsukuyomi Edit

In Naruto 6: Road to Ninja, Obito casts a trial version of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, the "Limited Tsukuyomi" (限定月読, Gentei Tsukuyomi), on Naruto and Sakura, which provides the alternate reality setting of the movie.

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