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Ingeitum means, Fire Worker or Blacksmith, in their language.


Black Dragon

Jierda the first Dragon Partner

The clan is native to the Land of Mountains. They are unique because at the age of five, all clan members are bound to Dragons with the Ryūko Cursed Seal. Yūdai Ingeitum hails from this clan. Not much is known of their history yet.


Harizo the founder of the Ingeitum Clan

Before the Series

Harizo Ingeitum was the Founder of the Clan. During the Land of Dragon's Civil war, Harizo ended the war by partnering himself with a black dragon named, Jierda and conquering the opposite side. Harizo invented the Ryūko Cursed Mark to fuse the minds of clan members and dragons.


Dragon Binding Ceremony

All clan members go through this at age five. They are taken to Blodgarm (血狼, Chi Ōkami; lit., Blood wolf), and they choose a Dragon, whom an Elder binds to them forever with a Curse Mark.

Agaeti Blodhren

Meaning, Blood Oath Celebration, in their language. Once a clan member is a Jōnin, they make a contract with the Summoning Dragons and are granted adulthood.

Hiden Jutsu

Ryūko Cursed Seal

User: All Ingeitum Clan Members

This Curse Mark binds the minds of Dragons and Clan Members, forever making them partners.

Level One

This form was made by the Clan Founder to give both the Dragon and the Clan Member a massive chakra boost. Also all their senses are heightened.

Level Two

This form can only be accessed after the user masters level one. It has a more heightened effect than the First Stage.


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