• Inu Mode


The user's appearance will shift similar to that of a dog their skin will be a furry shag color, their retina's white color will shift to a Yellow color with Concave pupils, similar eyes to a dog. The user will find a tremendous increase in their chakra supply, increased effectiveness of their jutsu, inhuman speed and incredible strength. The full power given off by this form is un-rivaled by any ordinary shinobi and is a force to be reckoned with, even against the most powerful Kages. This form also allows use of special kind Ninjutsu which can only be used in this form known as the Inu Release. It's merely a nickname for jutsu he can only use while in his form. In most cases, some of these jutsu are not possible outside of Inu Mode, therefor cannot be learned by anyone else who does not share the exact same body type and/or body structure as Jake's bodies. The most noticeable thing of this form is the Fangs grown, walking on all fours and the Growth of a tail. This forms speed is almost time stopping.

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