This article, Ishimiko, is a jutsu only to be used by User:Ten Tailed Fox.


Ishimiko (神\のソンのウィル, Will of God's Son) is the strongest technique used by Ryun's Zokujin Path. He usually uses it in combination with the Levitation Technique, since both are Yang Release techniques. The Zokujin path will make the seal then place both hands on the ground. The ground will then cave in, forming an enormous crater beneath him, devastating the surrounding area for miles.


Due to the fact that the technique is a Yōton, which originates in the eyes of the Ryun who has awakened the Chuto Taifugan, using it is costly. When used, the user is temporarily blinded for around one minute after use of the technique. The larger the jutsu is made, the longer the user remains blind. Also, due to the amount of chakra it takes to mold Yin chakra into Yōton chakra, even a master of the Yōton and Chuto Taifugan can only afford one use of a this jutsu per day.

Ryun can initiate this jutsu as long as he has chakra in his system, however, no matter his levels when the technique is initiated, the Zokujin path's chakra will all be drained, leaving it incapable of preforming any other jutsu for the duration of the battle.

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