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Isla Matanceros is a remote island about 120 miles (190 km) off the west coast of the Land of Mountains. There are steam vents in many places, and the ground is often hot underfoot. Because of this, and also because of prevailing currents, Isla Matanceros lies in a foggy area. Isla Matanceros was going to to be the site of first natural preserve created by the Sons of Darkness, a tourist attraction featuring living biological tailed beasts. After Hurricane Clarissa hit the island, followed by a raid by Yamagakure 2, all personnel were evacuated from the island and the facilities were later abandoned. The northern region appeared to be much more tropical than the south, possibly due to mountains keeping as much moisture from reaching the south.

It was said to have been originally a large volcano that blew its top. Access to the island was restricted to only a few tunnels that the water had bored into the sides of the large mountain sides that protected the island.

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