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  • Name- Jīn huáng Niǎo (金黃 鳥 lit. Golden Bird)
  • Type- Offensive, Supplementary, Long Range (10m+)
  • Users- Rikudo Sennin, Pain (Presumbed)

Jīn huáng Niǎo (金黃 鳥 lit. Golden Bird) is a Kinjutsu said to have been developed by Rikudo Sennin. It was locked away deep within Konoha's foundation, said to lay under the Hokage Monument. This jutsu is said to have the ability to mold a Sun, presumably making it the opposite of Chibaku Tensei. By molding chakra and the earths Nature Energy, the wilder will create a smaller than normal ball of fire that was said to be the creation of the sun. If the user can fully control the Rinnengan, they can create a True Sun, capable of destroying and burning away anything that is in its path.

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