Age: 17

Birth Date: March 6

Height: 179.83 cm(5.9 ft)

Weight: 57.2 kg(126.1 lbs)

Blood Type: A+

Gender: Male

Current Location: Konohagakure

Affiliation: Konohagakure (previously Kumogakure)

Rank: Jonin


  • Mother: Ji Eun Raiden
  • Step Father: Masaya Raiden (3rd Raikage)
  • Step Sister: Masako Raiden

Element: Lightning



Jayme Raiden is the son of the 3rd Raikage and is destined to become Raikage someday. He graduated from the Academy at the age of 12 and was placed in a Ninja Squad with Lau Ren Chang and Kyoko Sumida, along with their jonin instructor Rin Ryoo. after completely failing the Chunin Exams, the eldest and most skilled of the group had an idea. They decided that they would go far in to the mountains that surround the village and use Kyoko's advanced Genjutsu to hide away and train. And that is what they did. After a year of training they returned to the village. With power surpassing there old selves by far, they re-took the Chunin Exams and passed. After four years of training together they surpassed Jonin Rank and created their own ANBU-like group called TENSOHAE. It stands for Tri Elite Ninja Squad Of Heaven And Earth.

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