Jetta is the leader of the Four Samurai and a former ninja from Kumogakure. She is always looking for trouble, wanting to test her power.


Jetta lives for battle, wanting nothing more but to challenge herself, believing that a good fight is the ultimate experience. She shows little compassion, and views life as unimportant. She doesn't even care about her life, stating that she'd rather die than lose her chance to have "fun". The only person she's ever cared about was her boyfriend before he was murdered. She also thinks that while teams can be helpful, if they aren't as strong as her they will only hold her back.


Jetta was one of the Cloud Country's most promising young kunoichi, leaving the academy at the age of eight. To challenge herself, she convinced the Raikage at the time to let her be a one-man squad, believing a squad would hold her back. She took on many C-Rank missions, always succeeding within a few days. During an excursion to the Water Country, she found a sword sitting on the top of a rock jutting from a lake. It allowed her to control water as if she was an artist moving ink about a page. She named it Umikenori, meaning "Ocean Sword Pen". Many years went by, but she still was not promoted to chuunin. When she inquired as to why, she was told that someone who did not value teamwork could not be a chuunin. Enraged, she left the village, becoming a missing-nin.

By the time she was 20, she had become the leader of the Fire daimyo's private band of ninja known as the Four Samurai.



  • Jetta's sword's abilities are based on the concept of waterbending from the series of Avatar.

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