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Jin Kurojitsu is a large, broad-shouldered man who would often be mistaken for a samurai without his armor.

He has fairly long, very dark brown hair, which is often mistaken for black, which he keeps for the most part in a short pony-tail. his facial expression is most often found in a frustrated or annoyed scowl, his eyebrows knit for the majority of his time in public. He keeps a very clean shave, which is often regarded as odd by those who only have seen him and not met him, otherwise postulated as a homeless swordsman with no way to make money.

His upper body is almost abnormally muscular and adds to his already forbearing posture, his physique an often-used point of bragging or intimidation. He rarely ever tries to intentionally look as if he were dangerous though, and as such his boasting and scare tactics are mostly for fun, for a valid purpose, or both.

Jin very rarely, if at all, is seen out of his normal attire: A light brown, burlap-colored kimono, coupled with his sword and a very dark purple belt. His lack of change of attire is another factor to the often-thought notion he is poor, but Jin is rarely or never bothered by this.


Jin is infamous around his normal stomping-grounds for his overly surly attitude and border-line rudeness.

To strangers, Jin is indifferent as to their situation or other problems they may have, and puts on a front of disregard for his fellow human being. This can seem to contradict itself, as he in fact does have an occasionally charitable side, dropping coins next to sleeping homeless and helping those who would otherwise be doomed. Otherwise, he is constantly grumpy and quick to anger, occasionally yelling for small and otherwise un-insulting reasons, much like an inebriated man.

As he practically has very little memory of his mother, who was a prostitute and "worked" to support both of them after his father left, Jin is bitter about his childhood. Despite the dark business his mother dealt in, she was very kind to him, and he dislikes anything about her brought up by those who know him personally, or anything related to the matter. He holds a depressed love to his late mother and cherishes her memory, but is wary of the trouble it would bring him if he outwardly showed this affection.

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