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Jing (精, jīng, meaning 'power' or 'energy') are options for directing energy, mentioned by Irounaku. Jing that have been mentioned correspond to strategies in battle. A parallel to the concept of 'Jing' would be the 'Fight or Flight' response in Psycology--certain personality types are more dispositioned for a particular type of 'jing'.

According to Irou, there are 85 distinct types of jing, although only three have been named so far:

  • Positive jing, corresponding to advancing or attacking.
  • Negative jing, corresponding to retreating or evading.
  • Neutral jing, corresponding to waiting and listening (or, as Irounaku discribed it as, "doing nothing.")

Neutral Jing involves listening, (while seemingly doing nothing,) and waiting for the right moment to strike. Someone who has mastered 'Neutral Jing' is someone who waits and listens before striking.

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