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Johnny Gat
Age 19
Birth name Johnny
Also known as Prince Johnny Gat, Johnny, Gat
Birth Date July 28, 1981
Height 5'8"
Weight 150 Ibs
Origin Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Prince, Ninja
Affiliation Plasma Village, 9th Street Saints
Team 9th Street Saints
Bounty 100,000,000
Love None
Chakra Unknown


Slightly taller than normal people. He wears a blue jeans jacket with a mountain painted on the back, matching pants and wears a t-shirt underneath. He has long dirty blonde hair, that's usually slicked backward, but sometimes lets it loose. Sometimes, he wears glasses, but only to read a map or a bounty chart.


He's also very stubborn as he refuses to let anyone help him while he's hunting for food and/or pelt as he believes that they would cause him to lose his focus. He believes in the traditional way of the martial arts but he not limited to fighting female opponents (his rival Anthony Uchiha for example). He does get angry at people who fight dirty or cheats in order to win. A running gag of his is that he hates his real name Kaoru (Which is a unisex name meaning Fragrance) and will not hesitate to pound anyone who makes fun of it (he wouldn't let anybody call him that name with the exception of his father).


Before Part 1

Is parents were young and maddly in love went they got Johnny nut their parent was not very happy about the news of their child, so the parents of Johnny sent Johnny some place for Johnny grand mother to not look for him. After one year past some woman in the plasma village found Johnny and take carre of him like if it was her own...... After Part one.

Part 1

Once lived peacefully in Plasma Village with his little brother, Julius Gat, until one stormy night, ninjas who were docked and used the cover of night to raid and attack intruded on their home. Johnny and Julius were forced to hide in the cellar as the rest of their family were murdered before their very eyes. Because of this, Johnny kills all who he believes are evil and don't deserve forgiveness. He lives by a code of Honor and his word is his bond. Because of this violent way of life, he has earned the nickname, the Johnny well as the 90,000 Beli bounty on his head.

Two years after their mother's murder, Johnny and his little brother found themselves on a secluded island filled with men and women with hardly any contact to the outside world. Here, they were given a place to live, and a place to go stronger. Using what nittoryu skills he had, Johnny became a student to the Saints Style under the twin masters, Dex and Troy. Here, he learned various moves, such as The Nine Realm of Existence techniques.

Currently, he searches for a pair of swords, that if used in perfect harmony, can give him the power to fully avenge his fallen family. After a return trip to Plasma Village, his and Julius hometown, Johhny was given one of the swords he had been searching for...the Water Moon.

Part 2

Searching For Jiyū Zatchi from the Land of Plasma and Tupac Shakur from the Hip-Hop Village.

Part 3

In part 3 he practice jutsu.

Coming Soon...

Part 4

In part 4 Johhny figth Itachi Uchiha grandson Anthony Uchiha.

Coming Soon.

Part 5

After that he figth Anthony Uchiha he soon remember that he is a prince from the Land of Plasma.

Abilities and Powers

Nittoryu, Saints Style


Three swords: one being a katana and two being gladius-type swords.

Katanas - Water Moon, a Saijo O Wazamono Grade Sword (Previously owned Kitetsu, a cursed blade that was not of the special grades. Destroyed it himself in Jonin) Gladius - Geri and Freki, two O Wazamono Grade Swords.

Nittoryu (Two-Sword Style)

Tanketetsu: Johnny crosses his blades and concentrates his power into them, before slashing them foward. If his swords does not make contact with the enemy, the energy from the blades will shoot forth and slice through those who fight against him.

Niflheimer, Koori Kiri (Niflheimer, Ice Slash): . One of his Nine Realms of Existence Techniques, Johnny raises his blades high into the air and concentrates his ki. Using his mysterious training, Johnny is able to chill his blades so that when he cuts into a being, he not only does sharp damage, but also freezing damage to increase the pain. He swings, or stabs the swords into his enemy and makes his way downward as far as he can before pulling away his blades.

Midgard, Mugen Hibi (Midgard, Endless Serpent): Named for the Realm of Men, where a giant serpent resides, Johnny uses both blades: one behind his back, and the other in front of him. He begins to spin around until he becomes nothing more than a blur with his swords sticking outward. While he can cut an enemy to ribbons with this attack, when going up against stronger enemies, Johnny will only shred their clothing.

Jotunheimr, Tsuin Yama Enko: Named for the world of Giants. Johnny charges his swords with his ki, and swings them either upward or downward. The energy amplifies damage, as well as trails behind the blades as they move through the air.

Nioavellir, Sindri's Kanadzuchi (Nioavellir, Sindri’s Hammer): Named for the world of dwarves. Johnny strikes the ground with both swords, and in doing so, he can an earthquake small enough to make it relatively safe for him, but large enough to throw enemy off balance.

Valkyja, Sigrdrifa: An attack belonging to another special set of techniques of Johnny's training. Johnny turns his blades upward, behind his arms and with amazing speed and power, Johnny can cut through steel. Though powerful, Johnny rarely uses this attack.

Ittoyru: (One-Sword Style)

Helmet Splitter: Johnny jumps into the air and with a strange force behind him, he brings his sword down upon an enemy, blade pointed either vertically or horizontally. This attack quite literally, splits the head of an enemy in half, killing them instantly (should the attack succeed)

Tyr's Hand, Leaving's of the Wolf: Symbolic to the loss of Tyr's right hand, Johnny only uses his right hand in this attack. With this attack, his speed increases and he cuts deep into his enemy. Usually, this is enough to kill a man, but sometimes, he holds back as a warning to them.

Muspelheim, Kooen Kiri (Muspelheim, Fire Slash): One of the Nine Realms Techniques. Johnny lowers one sword downward and concentrates his power into it. When he unleashes it's power, a great blast of heat bursts out of the blade, adding burn damage to a cut to the enemy.

Alfheim, Hikari Nami (Alfheim, Light Wave): Another Nine Realms move. Johnny concentrates the pure and positive ki in his body into his sword and with it, he can send a blad of white energy at his opponent. While it can move a strong enough opponent backwards or forward (depending on direction of attack), Johnny can cut through many things.

Svartalfheim, Yami Nami (Svartalfheim, Dark Wave): Another attack that belongs to the Nine Realms, when using this, Johnny concentrates all his hatred and negative ki into his blade and unleash a powerful blade of dark energy soaring at his enemy. It has been known to cause it's target to corrode and decay, depending on strength of blade, but Devon has yet to reach that stage of power.

Techniques used in either Style

Single Sword version: While only using one sword, Johnny can inflict such pain upon an enemy, he can incapicitate said enemy while inflicting a large amount of damage.

Two Sword version: With two swords instead of one, Johnny will most likely either slay his enemy instantly, or wound them so badly, they bleed to death on their own as they lay in shock.


Major Battles


Genjutsu: ?

Taijutsu: ?

Ninjutsu: ?

Seals: ?

Chakra: ?

Speed: ?

Force: ?

Intelligence: ?

Potential: ?

Type: Regular