Jotunn Art: Muspellheim
Name: Muspellheim
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Hand Seals: Boar, Horse, Monkey, Tiger, Dragon, Rooster
Range: Medium
Inventor: Unknown
User(s): Nurarihyon Ayakashi
Parent Jutsu: Jotunn Technique
Derived Jutsu: None

Muspellheim is a powerful fire style jutsu usable only when the user is employing the Jotunn Technique. When the user’s tenketsu begin producing such amounts of chakra as the Jotunn Technique facilitates, that chakra begins to need a release. The most basic way to release it is fire. The user may simply force it out of their body and let it materialize as fire chakra, or can use Muspellheim. Muspellheim creates raging, dark fire, almost demonic, mixed with the user’s natural chakra affinity, which is formed on the targets skin and insides. It blossoms immediately into a great roaring blaze, and causes far more pain than normal fire. This roasts every part of the target's being, including their physical body in its entirety, their mind, their chakra, which it depletes, affecting their jutsu, and their soul, twisting their entire identity and morality into a near different person if left to burn for long enough. While the physical fire can be put out, though it is very hot, it takes special jutsu to put out the rest of the flames.

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