• Name: Steam Release (ジョウキ遁 Jōkiton)
  • Type: A-rank, Attack, Short Range (0-5m)
  • Users: Hitsuji Flori and Yosha no Yuki together
  • Hand Seals: Ram-Horse-Snake (Suiton), Bird-Hog-Dragon (Katon)

Jōkiton is a combination technique used by Flori and Yosha. When they wanted to defeat Yosha's sister, Hyouton user Shiroryuu no Yuki, Flori found out Shiroryuu was protecting her body with a layer of ice. To destroy the ice and defeat Shiroryuu, they should melt it. Flori tried this with Katon attacks, but it didn't work. Since Yosha is from the same clan as Haku, she has the ability to mix elements together - she herself mixes Suiton and Fuuton to get Hyouton. Flori figured they could destroy Shiroryuu's ice layer if they melted it with steam. He hisself has Katon as main element.

Yosha released Suiton chakra in the form of Water Release: Splash (Suiton: Bochabocha), while Flori released Katon chakra in the form of Fire Release: Round Shot (Katon: Endan). Flori set over the Endan technique, which consisted as a round Fire ball, in Yosha left hand while the Suiton technique was in her right hand. She mixed the two, using her Kekkai Genkai. While doing this Flori had to continue inserting Katon chakra in her, pushing the chakra in her body with his hands on her back. The result is a lot of chakra-based steam coming into Yosha's hand. This steam is called Joukiton, Steam Release.

When attacking, Yosha had got to touch all parts of Shiroryuu's body to defeat her ice layer. While doing that Flori had to continue on inserting Katon chakra in her, because she wasn't Katon natured.

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