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"All aboard the Bullshit Express! Choo Choo!"

Junichiro Yosomono
Full Name Yosomono Junichiro
Highest Rank ANBU
Age 22
Gender Male
Village of Origin Kirigakure
Chakra Type Wind, Fire
Classification Mercenary, S-Class, Missing-Nin

Theme Song (Junichiro & Shinobu): Break My Fall by Breaking Benjamin


Junichiro acts in mostly a goofy, carefree, and relaxed manner. He is almost always able to make people laugh, using witty and hilarious statements in order to either make fun of certain people, or to explain certain points. His way of speaking can brighten up even the gloomiest moods, as stated by Shinobu Yosomono. When neccessary, he is capable of showing encouragement and persuasiveness to his own partners, influencing them solely by determination alone. However, he is also brutally honest, not afraid to speak what is on his mind about something, even if whatever is said is offensive at the moment. It is said that he shares this quality with Kureno Yosomono, a fellow teammate.

In combat, he is capable of showing a more intelligent side. He has a talent of getting on the opponent's nerves, able to find the right words to say in order for provocation. He is very analyptical and strategic, constantly studying his opponent's movements and looking for a way to counter them. As a member of the Yosomono Clan, he has incredible self-control of his emotions, constantly retaining his carefree self even in a battle of high intensity.

Junichiro is close friends with Shinobu, the two often joking around with each other, exchanging petty insults and working together on various occasions. Junichiro has even once stated that they were the closest thing to brothers, which Shinobu doesn't seem to mind, despite not showing any implication of agreement of disagreement. He also holds a high respect of Kureno, referring to him commonly with the suffix "senpai". However, his goofy nature displeases and annoys Kureno, often resulting in him attacking Junichiro in a comical fashion.


Junichiro's abilities primarily focus on the use of physical attacks. As such, he would be considered a taijutsu expert, a master of his trade. His strength, speed, and skill is implied to be on par with taijutsu experts such as Might Guy. As such, it is implied that he could fight on par against ANBU-level shinobi, but could be defeated by a Sannin-level ninja without major effort.

Chakra Control/Strength Restraint

Junichiro has a high level of chakra control, and is able to reduce or increase the power of his attacks. This allows for him to lessen his strength to a restraining level if needed, in order to capture or incapacitate certain targets.


Hand-To-Hand Combat is his most distinctive ability. Intense training allowed him to increase his overall physical prowess, including superhuman speed and strength. His movements are aggressive and constant, forcing his enemy to be constantly alert and reflexive. Currently, the only ones who are able to counter his style of fighting is his own teammates.

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