Juno is a zombie who was once a ninja from the Heat Haze Village. He now serves as one of the members of Kinan's undead army.

Juno, one of Kinan's first zombies.


Juno was once a special jonin from the Heat Haze village. He was the last of the Heat Haze ninja to die besides Gennou. Almost 32 years later, Kinan came across Juno's surprisingly well-preserved body and used it as one of his test subjects. Juno came back in a sort of half-life. He could think, feel emotions, and move, but he could not feel any touch, nor could he smell. He had no need to breathe, so he couldn't do that, either. Juno was effectively turned into one of Kinan's zombies. Juno served directly under Revi as her subordinate, and developed a seemingly one-sided bond to her, thinking highly of her. In reality, she was the only person he felt he could trust in his new "life", if not only because of the strange bond towards her, but also due to the fact once he knew her for a while, her actions outside of battle could be read quite easily by him. He also became attracted to the former ANBU member Kenzo, but was shocked to find she seemed as attracted to Kinan as Revi was.


Juno has the ability to form ants from the ground around him by using Earth Style: Eternal Ant Army Jutsu. These ants act much like Deidara's smaller sculptures, tracking a foe and then attacking them. While they are mostly used to attack enemies by devouring them, they can also be used for transport as, just like living ants, they can carry objects dozens of times bigger than themselves. He can also create lightningbolts that he can shoot off by using an unnamed Lightning-style ninjutsu.


  • The bond between Revy and Juno is similar to that of Zabuza and Haku, except more one-sided, with Revy not really caring much for Juno.

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