read Battle for the Ages: Mystic Seireitou vs Ryun "Ten Tails" Uchiha first

When they were far enough up the river Jake threw Evan in the water and yelled,"Tackle!!" and two other bodies flew on top of him sinking him in the water.

Quicky floating back up he pulls out his sword "if thats how you want to play then"

Jakes water body surfaced with the attack body and and they clapped hands, "Tag team!" He shouted as they pulled him under the water taking his sword and kicking him further under te water

"Well whos on my team" he says appearing beside of the river

Jake looked at him, ".....I dont know. Who is?" Jakes summon body was behind him and kicked him lightly into the water.

Ryuka put his hands in his pockets, walking on the water and spotting the two fighters. "Their fight was getting pretty intense for me." He commented, his eyes turning into comically drawn upside-down U's.

"I call Ryuka" Evan yells

Ryuka looks on with a look similar to "o_O". "Uh....Ok?" He says.

Ryuka your on my team, Jake chose two bodys

"WEEEEE friends all around" Jake said joyfully, "Get em!" Jakes attack body shot through the ground and Grabbed Ryukas legs throwing him to the water and then his water body dunked Evan, again laughing.

Byakko Kurohitsugi, Seireitou's mentor, was headin for seireitou's fight when he stopped here to see these 3 fighting. His head lowered comicly, "Who are these guys"

"Arggh again with the river" he quikly flip kicks him droping him on the ground. "Im Evan Herane" he says crushing the bodys head against the ground

Ryuka surfaced, staring at the stranger. "My name is Ryuka Uchiha, sir." He said simply, smiling politely.

"he.... yeah, hi, im Byakko" said Byakko twitching his right eye. "What idiots" he thought to himself.

.......Evan stares at him like he knows what he thought. With rage in his eye. you could tell he was going to attack. "ok see ya XD" (there goes the rage)

Jake was floating in the water with a giant ? over his head. "Ummm see ya?"

"Ah, yeah" said Byakko sitting down

"So where are you going" Evan says looking over to see Ryuka unconcious on the ground

"I was going to go see Ryun and Seireitou's fight but..... eh, dont want to anymore" said Byakko lieing down.

"ok your on my team :)" Evan tags him


"Team?" asked Byakko confused

"yah your on my team :)"

Byakko lowered his head, "Dont take this the wrong way but.... i can mop the floor with all 3 of you here and now"

"Hey now" Jake said "Dont take me lightly" He looked at him with an old look then snapped out of it, "We are just messing anyway."

"Well, if you dont mind, im going to work on a new form of mine over there" said Byakko as he went deeper into the forest.

Evan falls on the ground laughing

Jake again was left with ??? marks all over his heads and then Joined Evan on the ground laughing

"You were so scared when Ryun did that fire justu" Evan Says inbetween laughs

Jake rolled over and looked at him, "COME ON IT WAS HUGE!! AND I WAAS DISTRACTED!!" Jake bonked Evan on the head with a rock and kept laughing, "Besides I killed him the first time and thats how you got your puppet" He kept laughing.

Evan (ignoring the fact that he screamed like a little girl when it happened) said that they should wait till Ryuka wakes up

"haha ya we should" Jake said with a smile

"Eh?" Ryuka yawns as he gets up from the ground. "What'd I miss?"

"Nothing but Jake stole your wallet...........kidding"

"Good, I don't have a wallet." Ryuka grins.

"Well i got to go I've got a meeting with Seireitou" he runs off.

Jake looked again at the other leaving "Man just when it was getting good, and darn right you dont have a wallet......anymore" Jake said looking at his drivers license smiling.

Ryuka looked at Jake, shocked. Then an anime vein popped in his vein. "GIMME THAT!" He shouted, swiping at Jake in an attempt to grab it.

Jake pulled away and said "I will make a trade for it" He said with a crooked smile

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