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"Don't talk so tough. It makes you look weak."
— Juusensha to Team Kurosaki


Naruto fanon character
Birth Date November 17
Age Immortal
Gender Male
Rank Demi-God
Affiliation Bijuu


Juusensha is a hot-headed man, acting impulsive, aggressive, and tending to think "with brawns, not brain". This does not mean that he is entirely stupid; he is, on the contrary, a keen and perceptive man, able to spot his enemy's weaknesses and strengths and even pointing them out to his opponent, as such when he fought Team Kurosaki. Even so, he is also shown to be ruthless and brutal towards his opponents, showing no mercy even towards weakened opponents. However, he does show a sense of honor, such as allowing for Ryuka to perform his third release, opting to attack both Ahatake and Daisuke instead, who were covering Ryuka at the time.


Encounter with the Kurosaki family

(In Progress)


Juusensha is possibly the human equivalent of a tank. He carries tremendous physical strength, even in his first form, from tossing and throwing Lukino around like a rag doll, to with forcing Daisuke back with a flick of his finger. His physical resistance has a phenomonal rate; powerful attacks such as the One-Tailed Strong Ball and the only proved to scratch his skin in his second form.

(In Progress)

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