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Kaci Wells
Kaci Wells
Age 24
Height 6 ft
Weight 230 lbs
Partner Korin Minamoto
Blood type AB
Gender Male
Current Location Chikagakure
Village of Origin Otogakure
Occupation Member of the Kagekenin
Rank S-rank
Chakra Nature Fire, Earth
Kekkei Genkai (s)


Affiliation (s) Yamigakure, Kagekenin
Blood Contracts Snakes



Kaci was taken at birth from an unknown village to Otogakure by Orochimaru. Orochimaru experimented on him and taught him many forbidden jutsu. After Seireitou Hyuga staged a rebellion and took over Otogakure, Kaci left for the Land of Mountains. He was confronted by Viper Uchiha a year after he arrives and allows him to join Kagekenin. He then acts as the groups spy.


Kaci is a greedy individual, arranging goals in terms of the highest profit he can gain from them, and he is often unwilling to involve himself in something unless there is something to gain. Due to this point of view, he refers to himself as the Treasurer of Kagekenin (similar to Kakuzu of Akatsuki). The frequent side tasks and devotion to get things are both major points of contention between Kaci and Korin. He also seems to respect an opponent who thinks.

Out of all the Kagekenin members, Kaci and Korin display the most animosity towards each other, since neither are very fond of the other's interests. The two often trade barbs with one another, Kaci's usually having better timing than Korin's. Korin has shown great annoyance with Kaci's greed. Kaci is also rather impatient with Korin's drawn-out speeches and battle style.

The only reason Kaci puts up with Korin is because he cannot get rid of him. Due to his violent temper, Kaci often kills anyone close by when enraged.

Despite his obsessive personality and violent rage, Kaci is much more cautious than his partner and is not as arrogant, never mindlessly rushing into battle like Korin. Kaci frequently warns Korin not to let his guard down, and then teases Korin when he inevitably does. Kaci is shown to be a keen analyst as well. Despite his status as a missing-nin, Kaci apparently seems quite willing to follow orders. When ordered to retreat by Viper Uchiha, Kaci complied immediately. Although, he seems to forget the greater goals of the organization when enraged.


He looks exactly like Orochimaru, because of Orochimaru's experiments.

Missions for Kagekenin

  1. To spy on potential enemies and targets
  2. Capture Shukaku, the Sand Spirit
  3. Capture Soul Edge and ShuIchibi


Kaci is a very powerful and experienced combatant with very unique skills. A mid-range combat specialist, Kaci can adapt to all ranges of combat quickly and easily, drawing on his experience to keep ahead of his opponents and outmaneuver their attacks. Kakuzu has been shown to be very skilled in taijutsu. Most significantly, he has numerous elemental affinities and a vast supply of chakra. He unleashing powerful blasts of elemental chakra from his hands or mouth.


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