Kadougan (lit. Vortex Eye ) is a Doujutsu created and mastered by the Tabikun Clan (lit.Travel Master). The eye is generally blue and has 3 black dots in it. The Doujutsu is considered legendary because it was the foundation for many power techniques such as the Body Flicker and Flying Thunder God Technique. The doujutsu lets the user create a portal of chakra to transport themselves or something else from one place to another in a short distance. The range is differs from the user's chkara level and mastery of the jutsu. The portal is genetally a blue color with white flare's around the side's. Every other generation, there is a genius of the clan who is a born master of the doujutsu. The clan symbol is a small circle with two horns in it, resemmling the mask worn by the first Tabikun, Shukyou Tabikun. The eye puts massive strain on the user as it makes the portal directly from the user's chakra.

Abilities The Kadougan can create a blue portal that can transport them any where from where they started in a 20 mile radius. The clan work well with Earth Style Ninjutsu and are good at Taijutsu. The eye can also work as a reconassiance, meaning the user can see what's going on somewhere else by looking into the portal.


. The Tabikun Clan are said to have been born in Kusagakure but this has been undetermined.

. The current leader is Hanzo Tabikun.

. There is rumor to be a second level of Kadougan.

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