Kagachi Honoo

Kagachi Honoo (Literally meaning 'flame serpent') is a chunin level shinobi from the village hidden in the leaves, Konoha.


Kagachi Honoo has long black hair, a scar running down his left eye, and the byakugan. Not much else is known about his face, as he always wears a mask. He wears a shirt, emblazoned with the Honoo clan symbol, an hourglass with a lightning bolt through it, on the chest and right shoulder. His arms are covered with bandages, and his belt is made up of them as well. Kagachi is rarely seen without his katana, which he wears at his side, similar to Sasuke. He wears black pants and shiny, steel-toed black boots.


Kagachi was found lying in a ditch, covered in blankets as a baby. He is believed to have come from the Hyuga clan because of his byakugan. He was adopted by Kraiga and Hareno Honoo, and was given his name by them. At the age of twelve he became a Chunin, and spent time roaming the known lands. At sixteen he trained with a swordsman whose name remains unknown, and forged his own katana. He learned how to experiment with jutsu, and created a few of his own, namely the Fire Serpent Jutsu. He created this one after what he was named.


Kagachi is generally laid back, witty, and arrogant. He likes to throw his intelligence in other peoples faces. In a fight, he changes completely. He becomes more detirmined, and much more serious.


Kagachi has many abilities. His byakugan is stronger than most people in the Hyuga clan, and his strategist skills are said to rival Shikamaru's. He is proficient with a sword, and enjoys creating his own jutsus and expeerimenting with them. Because of his supposed relations with the Hyuga clan, he is also a master of the gentle fist technique. His most well known jutsu, however, is the Flaming Serpent Tail he created himself.

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