Kagama (lit. fire toad), is a technique of chakra manipulation used by Odayaka. He uses his fire chakra to surround himself in a kind of suit of flames, then draws it towards the center of his chest. He then repulses it in a controlled stream, almost akin to throwing it. It can burst when striking, to increase damage. The technique resembles a toad striking a fly with its tongue, hence the name. Odayaka can also add lightning chakra to various degrees, to good effect. When completely mastered and manipulated correctly, he was able to seriously injure a cloaked Akatsuki member, who had a mysterious jutsu protecting him from most attacks.

There is also a more powerful form called the Hana Kagama (lit. Flower Fire Toad). By adding more chakra, and some of his life energy, Odayaka can drastically increase the power of the attack. The attack forms petal shapes around the original shape, creating a brilliant flower. Besides the extra fire and lightning in the attack, there is also life pulsing through the stream of fire, which gives it its true power. This attack is Odayaka's true trump card, as the Gyaku Kokutris, while powerful, can only be sustained for a short amount of time before it becomes too dangerous to him. The downside to it, however, is that, because of the life energy he gives, it shortens his lifespan. If he only puts in enough to create the flower shape, it can be as short as perhaps under a month, but at full power it takes away half a year of his life. Alternatively, Odayaka believes, although has not tried it yet, he could sacrifice some small part of his body permanently, so the life energy in it would be used.

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