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(影変異, Kagekenin, Literally meaning: Shadow Rogues)
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The Kagekenin (影変異; Literally meaning "Shadow Rouges") is a criminal organization of ninja from all over the world and is lead by the mysterious Zoku. Their goal is to use the partially revived Ten-Tails to complete the Peace Requiem laid out by their leader. They are the primary antagonists of the second as well as the last two arcs of Enken.

Kagekenin is a smaller group than similar organizations, such as Akatsuki, being comprised of six members; one from each major nation. Its leader, Zoku, could be considered a seventh member. The group often works together, however, on rare occasions, Zoku will have them work individually. This also is a differentiation from Akatsuki, which operated in groups of two. The organization fully assembles to take on large missions or strikes as a unit.


Kagekenin was founded, supposedly by Zoku, during the chaotic aftermath of the Fourth Shinobi World War. Zoku, under the guise of Shinji Uchiha at the time, gathered powerful shinobi from each of the five great nations and one from the Lost Lands with the intention of finally enacting his Peace Requiem plan.