Kagemaru Namiakze is the only son of Namikaze I and Shibuya Hirahara. He is the husband of Miyaka Ichifuyu and the Father of Rikugo Namikaze. "Kagemeru" means "perfect shadow" and "Namikaze" means "rough seas" or "wind and waves".

Basic Information

Name: Kagemeru Namikaze

Highest Rank: Anbu

Classifcation: A-rank

Birthdate: May 2


Gender: Male

Blood Type: AB

Affliation: Konohagakure

Occupation: Strategist


  • Namikaze I (Father)
  • Shibuya Hirahara (Mother)
  • Miyaka IchiFuyu (Wife)
  • Rikugo Namikaze (Son)
  • Sorawo Namikaze (Son)
  • Shiroa Namikaze (Daughter)


  • Minato Namikaze (Uncle)
  • Naruto Uzumaki (Cousin)


  • Kakashi Namikaze (Uncle)
  • Kageroumaru Namikaze (Cousin)
  • Hanajima Namikaze (Niece)
  • Kagehiko Namikaze (Cousin)
  • Kano Namikaze (Nephew)
  • Kamirou Namikaze (Newphew,deceased)
  • Kurama Namikaze (Cousin)
  • Kazeharu Namikaze (Cousin)

Early Life

Kagemaru was a considerable horrid looking boy. A lot of Kagemaru's problems later in life sprang from his "ugliness". One being his status as a ninja was greatly reduced. But most of all, society would never accept Kagemaru. Shibuya felt it nesscary for him to be kept out of people's gazes. His deffect would make Kagemaru a magnet for teasing. But Shibuya couldn't keep him hidden forever. Kagemaru made his first public appearance at the Academy Welcoming Ceremony.

As a child he was constantly teased. He began become distant from most people. The constant teasing got into his head and he thought himself undesireable and unlikeable.

Because he had little to no friends to spend his time with, he spent most of his time studying. He became and avid student and particularly clever strategist. He formed a close friendship with Shikaku Nara because of their love for the game of shougi.

Teenage Life

Kagemaru as a ninja was mainly homebased. He was a placed as jury member and a minor policeman. The Uchiha found Kagemaru "weak" so they didn't want to use him that often. Kagemaru was content with his position so he said nothing against it.

Kagemaru also earned himself the position of foreign minister. He was personally liked by all the other kages and foreign ministers. Especially Miyaka Ichifuyu, Foreign Minister of the Village Hidden in the Snow. She was in love.

Kagemaru was ofcourse oblivious to this. As mentioned before Kagemaru found himself undesireable so he quit looking for romance. It was up to Miyaka to make the first move.

Apperance and Personality

Kagemaru Namikaze inherited most of his father's features, from his blonde hair to his fairly abnormal heels. Unforunately, Kagemaru inherited his Mother's left blind eye.

Kagemaru was incredibly intelligent and made the perfect strategist.

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