• Name- Kagemusha no Chidori (Shadow Warrior of the One thousand Birds)
  • Type- Ninjutsu
  • Elemental Affinity- Lightning; Ying and Yang
  • Hand Seals- Ox, Hare, Monkey, Wave hand in Cresent moon shape.
  • Users- Unknown

A stronger version of the Chidori that involves mixing a Demonic Yang Chakra into a normal chidori. Its normal lightning color is tainted to a pale white with black flares in an outward lightning like motion. This Chidori variant is incredibly strong and reacts in a negative force opposite of a normal Chidori. This means that if this version was used against a regular Chidori both users will be shot back and damaged greatly by the blunt force alone. When using this jutsu, the users chakra is tainted a dark purple.

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