Kai Kunori (くのり カイ; Kunori Kai) was a weapons master hailing from Soragakure, though he has attachments from previously being from Konoha. He was noted for possessing a mutated left eye that resembled a Sharingan, though he possessed no kekkei genkai and has no blood-related ties to the Uchiha clan. Like most other Kunori clansmen, he held a grudge against the Hyuga clan.

Behind the scenes

"Hyuga bitch."
— Kai, after being defeated by a Hyuga in a duel

Kai Kunori was the first character created by LaviBookman back in November 2006 for a chatroom-based role-play on deviantART as a part of the Leaf Village. Kai was role-played for about a year, but later fell into the shadow of later additions to the Kunori family, including Iriga and Yuri.

The role-play he was created for had an option for race, so Kai's race was initially elf, though it has been cut out of the most recent revision to him since it served no purpose.

The quote that Kai was probably best remembered for back when he was originally role-played was "Hyuga bitch", aimed at a Hyuga clansman he was defeated by in a duel.

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