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editKaijin Fuyutama
Kaijin 3
(冬霊灰, Fuyutama Kaijin)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Birthdate Astrological Sign Cancer July 12
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 36
Height 175 cm
1.75 m
5.741 ft
68.898 in
Weight 70.8 kg
156.087 lb
Blood type O
Occupation Shinobi
Affiliation Kyoukokugakure Symbol Kyoukokugakure
Clan Fuyutama Clan
Ninja Rank ANBU
Nature Type

Kaijin Fuyutama (冬霊灰 Fuyutama Kaijin) is one of the primary protagonists from the Fuyutama Chronicles and a prominent member of the current oldest generation of the Fuyutama Clan. Additionally, he is the younger brother to Kami and ANBU member possessing the highest amount of respect within Kyoukokugakure

Traits and Personality

The specifics of Kaijin's appearance is highly debated, due to the fact that he often remains hooded and cloaked even when around his close family. He appears to have a highly athletic build. In terms of personality Kaijin is much more readable, showing an affinity for lighthearted conversation and an open desire to lead his village and country.


Kaijin, like his father before him, carries the blood of the Fuyutama clan in his veins and has been endowed with their innate abilities. He was born in Kyoukoku from an unnamed mother and was raised amongst the Fuyutama household. Until coming in contact with his half-brother, Kami, Kaijin had no knowledge of possessing any immediate family outside of his father. By the point of his encounter with his newfound clansmen Kaijin had become a competent shinobi and a prominent member of his village's ANBU unit.



As the main focus of his fighting style Kaijin is extremely skilled in the field of taijutsu, which is reinforced by his specialty in stealth and guerilla tactics. His fighting style revolves around a complex flurry of strikes designed to overwhelm an opponent and force them into submission. As such Kaijin demonstrates an uncanny aptitude for speed.

Weapon Mastery

Like most members of the Fuyutama clan Kaijin is highly proficient with a blade. His sword of choice appears to be katana lacking a hilt and possessing an exaggerated curvature in its blade. More often than not he opts for the usage of a pair of short blades which he can wield with blinding speed. In addition to kenjutsu Kaijin utilizes a wide variety of tactics that include projectile weapons, which he wields with a great deal of accuracy.


While not main attribute of his fighting style Kaijin is quite proficient with ninjutsu. From training with his brother Kaijin has developed his skill with Earth Release techniques. Furthermore, he has apparently been gifted with the opportunity to acquire knowledge revolving around usage of the shadow techniques usually attributed to Konoha's Nara clan.

Fuyutama Lineage

A product of his bloodline Kaijin has access to Ancestral Chakra, an additional collection of chakra that the Fuyutama are able to tap into through meditation. His usage of this chakra has also permitted him to utilize the Spirit Summoning Technique, through which he summons ethereal falcons.


Kaijin Stats


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