Samurai contestant
Naruto Fanon Character
Birth Date April 30
Currant Age 25
Gender Male
Village of Origin Hidden Mist Village
Rank Jonin
Chakra Nature Water
Team Four Samurai
Affiliation Four Samurai
  • Water Clone Jutsu
  • Water Prison Technique
  • Water Release: Water Wall Technique
  • Water Release: Black Rain Technique
  • Water Release: Giant Vortex Jutsu
  • Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
  • Water Release: Violent Water Wave



Kaine was once a ninja from the Hidden Mist Village. Despite the large sword he carried into battle he was not one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He did however want to be one, which made him very angry when he was rejected. He angrily attacked and killed one of the members when he saw him coming back from a mission. After the lengthy duel Kaine thought that if he told the others of his feat they would have to accept him. Instead they all attacked him, barely holding off the onslaught of the remaining six Kaine fled the Hidden Mist Village. He stayed off the grid while avoiding the Hidden Mist's Anbu agents. After faking his own death he could finaly rest easily at night. He was eventually hired by a feudal lord in the land of fire and became one of the four Samurai.


  • Kaine is very skilled with his large sword and can swing it effortlessly.
  • He is also well versed in water release jutsu and taijutsu.
  • Along with his swordsmanship Kaine is also well trained in unarmed Taijutsu


  • Kaine is not very good at throwing kunais (couldn't hit the broadside of a barn)
  • Kaine suffers from archniphobia (fear of spiders), he'll freeze up if he sees any species of spider.
  • Kaine is also very reckless and often rushes into a situation without thinking.

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