== Kakashi Uzumaki ==
=== Basic Information ===

Name = Kakashi Uzumaki

Age = 10

Gender = Male

Belongs To = Konohakakure

Rank = Chunin(now)

Chakra Type = Fire,Lightning,water,earth,wind

Kenkei Genkai = Sharingan(transplanted to him by kakashi before he died),Rinnegan


Naruto Uzumaki(father)
Sakura Haruno(mother)
Jiraiya Uzumaki(brother)
Tsunade Haruno(sister)
Minato Namikaze(grand father)
Kushina Uzumaki(grand mother)

Kakashi uzumaki is th son of Naruto and Sakura. He the most skilled of the three children.He mastered every elemental form of rasengan and rasenshuriken. He can summon the ninken since Kakashi trained him before his death. Kakashi kept a scroll on his eye lid which will transplat his I when he dies. He is now in the team Konohamaru,who call themselves jonin reborn because they are teir fathers sensei's. For EG Kakashi Uzumaki for Kakashi Hatake, Mighty Guy Jr for Might guy,Asuma Nara for Asuma Sarutobi.Each of them equipped with the jonins weapons,(kakashi's special kunai,Guys's nunchuks,Asuma's chakra blades).His sharigan has more tomoe than normal because he can fuse sharingan with rinnega,which he calls sharinnegan. He can summon toads especially gamabunta. He also have achies the Ultimate sage mode, which he uses six clones to gather chakra as he fight. He also a natural born genius as he made his own jutsu, the ultimate chakra style: rasen shuriken. He uses all forms of rasenshuriken (that is wind style :rasenshuriken,Fire style :blazing rasenshuriken,lightning style :lightning rasenshuriken(which he calls rasenchidori),Water style: hydro rasenshuriken,earth style :earth shuriken rasengan) With clones then fuse it in his arm to form the jutsu.

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