This article, Kamikaze Shuriken, is a jutsu only to be used by User:Ten Tailed Fox.

Kamikaze Shuriken
Kanji 神風手裏剣
Rōmaji Kamikaze Shuriken
Literal English Divine Wind Shuriken
Viz manga Kamikaze Shuriken
English TV Kamikaze Shuriken
Classification Ninjutsu, Wind Release
Rank A-rank
Class Offensive
Range Long-range
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

An advanced version of Riyan's Kamikaze; Like it's parent technique, Riyan will solidify and manipulated existing wind and air, only instead of forming it into a jab, he creates wind-shuriken all around him, and tosses them by the masses at his opponent. These blades can come out of nowhere, since he forms them from the air around him.

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